Quavo - Go All The Way (P. Williams) (18')

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    From Quavo's studio album 'Quavo Huncho', get it HERE !

    Dope as hell, have a listen. Synths are hella dope

  • Was thinking that was P. Just had to come in here to make sure.

  • This sounds aight. Doesn’t sound like P tho

    Omg Flip the Switch and Rerun 😱😱😱😱

    Probably the best two songs on the album

    1 day later edit: it’s trash 🗑

  • Fuck 12 and especially Rerun is dope as fuck. The rest of this album isn't for me

  • I think there are obvious Pharrell sounds here. The 808, hi hat and percussion all sound familiar.

  • i kinda love it

  • don't like it. doesn't sounds like Pharrell. could be any one...

  • to me theres no doubt its P, but, the melody is too short this time, some instruments empower it with subchords at the hook (which sounds familiar to me, reminding me of C. Brown "I need you" slowed down a little bit but thats another story) i like the beat, but it feels like a pair of bars that could puzzle the main melody ("short flute" pattern) are missing this time!! So i'd refer this to a lazy P beat!! the melody is simple and cool tho.. but a little bit harder next time P, please!!))

  • Staff

    Reminds me of Kelis - Mars

  • the vocals on this just makes it unlistenable for me

  • 0_1539368672984_DA93540E-AE9A-4362-A511-34F4F4BB29D0.jpeg

    It’s 100% P

  • yeah not for me

  • well its better than Usher's "A" album, gosh what was usher thinking, after all these years he comes out with such a weak surprise album.

    and i was still sincerely hoping that we finally get a renamed version of that P x Usher year of the dragon track

  • @lord_willin ushers last 2 projects were wack AF. I think he has a hard time finding an appropriate sound for this era. That Usher brand of R&B has been dead for a minute. This A project seems to be Ok from what I’ve heard so far. Kind of nice hearing usher sound current.

  • With Quavo it doesn't work because of the repetitive lyrics but a female rapper would've made this way more enjoyable. I still think it's the only single choice out of 2 other tracks. Quavo really does not have the juice to be a solo artist though. A feature here-or-there but that's it.

  • Admin

    sorry guys, this is one of the worst Pharrell productions ever

  • So I listened to this in my car today (as opposed to on my iPhone) and the whole time I was waiting for the beat to drop. I was waiting for a kick drum or something to activate and get this beat going. I kept waiting and waiting. Eventually I realized it had been 3 mins and this was just a typical badly produced P song.

    Guys why does P make songs like this? There’s literally no one listening to Quavo that’s gonna be like “hmm Im interested in hearing a song without a kick drum”

    I’ve never felt such blue balls on a Quavo song...

    Who is this shit moving?????

  • @essntl unfortunately 100% weak

  • Totally separate conversation but besides this song sucking can we talk about this cover art? Lmaoo

  • i think the cover art is really cool. im also a fan of the dali/ryden surrealism so, yeah

  • The cover art is horrendous. It almost looks stupid.

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