Anyone going to Camp Flog Gnaw this year?

  • ?????

    and what y'all think think of the lineup?

  • I bought presale in hopes of it having death grips or N.E.R.D but they never showed so I ended up selling my ticket to save up the money for a set of drums

  • @whevesy you not feeling the lineup?

  • @xacbeats sorta, the only people I wanted to see was kid see ghost, Lauryn hill, push, tyler, brockhampton, kali and earl. but what stopped me from going was a bunch of different things, 2 much money to fly out ,I got school, ive already seen most of these people I actually want to see live before, and the last festival I went to wasn't very fun, altho last years flog gnaw was fucking amazing being able to see roy ayers and kelis live so I was expecting just a little bit more from the lineup

  • @whevesy you "ONLY" wanted to see 7 artists, thats more than any amount of artists i wanted to see at the same festival ever

  • @MortenMars lmaoo my bad i said only cuz iv already seen basically all of them live except for lauryn and cudi, otherwise if i hadnt had already seen everyone live , u right its a pretty amazing list for one festival

  • Im feeling a lot of people int his lineup. its cool.

  • @whevesy Raphael Saadiq caught my eye when they released the lineup. I was like HOLY SHIT thats gonna be so dope!

  • ive wanted to go ever since the first one in 2012 but i could never afford the ticket, the plane ticket, and somewhere to stay out there :( im on the east coast shit sucks

  • Staff

    It’s my favourite festival. 70% of people there are either high or on acid. It has a real good feel about it. I just wish it did camping

  • From what I saw it looked mint Kali Uchis performance looked amazing! Think I might try and go next year...done with Glastonbury

    top 3 moments
    I cant believe I finally went. I been wanting to go since the second carnival. shit was amazing.

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