Natasha Ramos - Midnight Hour

  • every now and again i find myself listening to this song. its a shame it did not go anywhere outside of youtube. does anyone know the backstory about the versions? the first version i noticed is posted on her soundcloud but not the second one that has the adlibs from the annoying person and pharrell in the studio session. was the 2nd version an official one, and which one do y'all prefer?
    midnight hour - first version

    (lol @ the low key shade "Vanessa Marquez NEVER sang Midnight Hour"
    midnight hour -second version

    midnight hour studio session

  • I always felt like the offical version didnt really live up to the studio vers, theres just something so fucking magical about watching pharrell on those fucking keys

  • ive been catching myself listening to this often lately wow haha.

  • I remember discovering this song during the MySpace days of the internet, still just as beautiful as I remember.

  • @yostartrakyo watching that studio session changed my life, literally.

  • Man that is one of my favorite studio video's ever! I must have watched it a million times.

  • @FlowHightide just watching the whole process and shit... so tight

  • @yostartrakyo do ya'll know how many ppl wanted to become a music producer after seeing this session, I dont think P realizes how much his sessions inspire people. If only we got to see more of these sessions man

  • Staff

    The wildest thing about this studio session is that you don’t really even see any of the best being made haha. Just those drums that aren’t even on the actual track

    It’s cool to see how he hummed out that melody and turned it into a song

  • this bitch is on the telephone while the master single handedly is making her a sick record and coming up with all the words to sing even

  • when chad pops in and pharrell says uh! melody! and he starts going in with the guitar!

    and when pharrell finally figures out the chorus!

    these were some golden years man.

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