2013 was a good year

  • It just struck me the other day, 2013 was a really great year. I think I appreciated it a lot at the time for the volume of music that was coming out, especially around last summer. But with the benefit of being 6 months through 2014, and looking back at stuff that came out a year ago, there really were some great tunes in there. From the standouts like Wine Glass Woman, Dont'cha, the Wanderlust remix, perpetual nights, and little surprises like Gucci Mane's fall back, and Earl's Burgundy. Even things like Malice's 'no time' were really good. Man there was just so much to pick from. I made a great playlist at the start of January, think I need to revisit it...

  • Post the playlist!

  • that malice track was terrible imo everything else was good though lol

  • My thoughts exactly! Nothing's really stood out for me except for G I R L

  • ^ I feel sorry for you, there was some awesome stuff in '13.
    It's one of my favourite Neptunes years of them all.

    Like... the Aloe Blacc, Daley, Aim High, Rooting For My Baby, some of the Nelly beats, all the Hans stuff, Mayer Hawthorne, the fucking Pusha SNITCH record(!), the Woodkid remix, Doing The Most, Feds Watching..... NONE OF THIS did anything for you!?

    That's crazy to me man.
    Add onto that Daft Punk and Blurred Lines mixed in with some off-kilter shit like Twerk It and The Problem... it was heavenly man. It seemed like dope stuff was dropping every week.

  • i agree @3000. you can even add Miley's get it right and oceans on mchg

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