Pharrell Williams - The Profile (2CD Biography and Interview Set)

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    *He's got his finger in almost every pie in existence and as well as being a first class musician, producer, composer and rapper, he appears to have pretty cool head for business too with a fashion and furniture design business that brings in millions. But Pharrell Williams' first love is music and it is largely thanks to his skills and talents in this arena that he has achieved so much in such a small time. From his duties as drummer and vocalist in funk/rock/rap outfit N.E.R.D and one half of the production duo The Neptunes, he has made himself a household name. Now releasing music under his own name, and still finding time for numerous other activities, this man is nothing if not prolific. This two disc set features interviews with and a biography about Pharrell Williams as it attempts to capture the very essence of what makes this extraordinary human being tick. Packaged elegantly with slipcase and inner booklets this collector's pack is sure to become a must have item for all Pharrell's millions of fans - a base which grows exponentially every day. *

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  • @CMP Need to get this. Also, this is the most mature photo i've seen of Pharrell.

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