A Re-Cap Of All Tracks By Chad Hugo & Pharrell Of 2018

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    Here is a Re-Cap of all productions by Chad Hugo & Pharrell Williams of the year 2018

    Solo (November 9)

    • Goals (Single) (November 9)
      (Produced By Pharrell Williams)

    Ariana Grande
    Sweetener (August 17)

    • Blazed feat. Pharrell
    • Borderline feat. Missy Elliott
    • Get Well Soon
    • R.E.M.
    • Successful
    • Sweetener
    • The Light Is Coming feat. Nicki Minaj (Single) (June 21)
      (All Tracks Produced By Pharrell Williams)

    The Light Is Coming (Promo) (June 21)

    • The Light Is Coming feat. Nicki Minaj (Single) (June 21)
      (Produced By Pharrell Williams)

    Arturo Sandoval
    Ultimate Duets (May 18)

    • Arturo Sandoval feat. Pharrell & Ariana Grande
      (Produced By Pharrell Williams & Arturo Sandoval)

    Bono & Pharrell Williams
    Live At Jimmy Kimmel (November 20)

    • Stayin' Alive (Bee Gee's Cover)
      (Produced By Bee Gees, Albhy Galuten & Karl Richardson)

    Chad Hugo
    Splice (July 11)

    • Splice
    • Splice II
      (Produced By Chad Hugo)

    Coldplay (aka Los Unidades) & Pharrell
    Global Citizen (EP) (November 27)

    • E-Lo feat. Jozzy (Single) (November 27)
      (Produced By Pharrell Williams)

    Honest Boyz
    Tokyo Dip (Promo) (November 3)

    • Tokyo Dip feat. Pharrell (Single) (November 3)
      (Produced By Pharrell Williams)

    Janelle Monáe
    Dirty Computer (April 27)

    • I Got The Juice feat. Pharrell
      (Produced By Nate 'Rocket' Wonder)

    Justin Timberlake
    Man Of The Woods (February 2)

    • Breeze Off The Pond
    • Flannel
    • Higher Higher
    • Livin' Off The Land
    • Man Of The Woods (Single) (February 1)
    • Midnight Summer Jam
    • Montana
    • Supplies (Single) (January 18)
    • Wave

    Kelly Sheehan
    1983 (Promo) (June 5)
    – 1983 (June 5)
    (Produced By Pharrell Williams)

    Leah LaBelle
    Love To The Moon (EP) (September 7)

    • Sun feat. Pharrell
      (Produced By Pharrell Williams, Original Version Of Koryn Hawthorne's 'Bright Fire' Released In 2015)

    Lemon (Promo) (March 17)

    • Lemon feat. Drake & Rihanna (Remix)

    Lemon (Promo) (March 18)

    • Lemon feat. Rihanna (Chad Hugo Edit)
      (Produced By Chad Hugo)

    Mike WiLL Made-It
    Creed II: The Album (November 16)

    • The Mantra feat. Pharrell & Kendrick Lamar
      (Produced By Mike WiLL Made-It)

    Aries (YuGo) Part 2 (Promo) (March 31) https://pitchfork.com/reviews/tracks/mike-will-made-it-aries-yugo-part-2-ft-big-sean-pharrell-quavo-and-rae-sremmurd/

    • Aries (YuGo) Part 2 feat. Pharrell, Big Sean, Quavo & Rae Sremmurd
      (Produced By Mike WiLL Made-It)

    5E (July 27)

    • Uno Más feat. Pharrell (Single) (April 10)
      (Produced By Pharrell Williams)

    Pharrell Williams
    A Cat Named Mouse (Promo) (October 16)

    • A Cat Named Mouse
      (Produced By Pharrell Williams)

    Sangria Wine (Promo) (May 17)

    Rae Sremmurd
    Chanel (Promo) (April 4)

    • Chanel feat. Pharrell (Single) (April 4)
      (Produced By Mike WiLL Made-It)

    Sierra Swan
    Caterwaul (EP) (December 13)

    • Caterwaul
    • Duel Of The FareWillMeNots
    • Purple Forever
    • Rusted Girl
    • System Breaker
      (All Tracks Produced By Chad Hugo)

    The Carters
    Everything Is Love (June 16)

    • Apeshit (Single) (June 16)
    • Nice
      (Both Tracks Produced by Pharrell Williams, Beyoncé & Jay-Z)

    Travis Scott
    Astroworld (August 3)

    • Skeletons feat. Pharrell & The Weeknd
      (Produced By Tame Impala)

    Quavo Huncho (October 12)

    • Go All The Way
      (Produced By Pharrell Williams)



    • Everlasting Nothing (Live)
      (Written By Pharrell Williams)

    Culture II (Studio Session)

    • Apeshit (Demo)
      (Produced By Pharrell Williams)

    Don't Don't Do It! (Promo)

    • Don't Don't Do It! feat. Frank Ocean & Kendrick Lamar (Demo)

    Zac Brown Band
    Welcome Home

    • Start Over
      (Written By Pharrell Williams, Produced By Dave Cobb)


    Studio Session

    • Trap Nigga Hustle (Unreleased)
      (Produced By Pharrell Williams)


    Wake Up (Promo) (Unreleased)

    • Wake Up feat. Blue Ivy
      (Produced By Pharrell Williams)

    Earl Sweatshirt
    Feet (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

    • Feet


    Guess Who’s Single (Promo) (Unreleased)

    • Guess Who’s Single feat. Pharrell & Lady Gaga
      (Produced By Pharrell Williams)

    Hard Candy (Studio Session)

    • Beat Goes On (Pharrell Solo)
    • Beat Goes On feat. Pharrell (No Rap)
    • Give It 2 Me (Demo)
    • Incredible feat. Pharrell & Shae Haley (Demo)
    • The Beat Is So Crazy feat. Pharrell

    Pharrell Williams
    Moment (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

    • Moment
      (Produced By Pharrell Williams)

    The Neptunes
    Happy Holidays (Promo) (Unreleased)

    • Happy Holidays


    Kanye West & Pharrell Williams
    Studio Session (Unreleased)

    • Diamonds & Dollars


    Harlem World
    The Movement (Cassette)

    • One Big Fiesta feat. Mase (Alternate)

  • @Mika The Happy Holdiays Promo was made by me so it shouldn't be on this list

  • Sometimes as a long time fan you gotta sit back and be amazed at how hard they (especially Pharrell) has worked for all these years. It was 2018 and this dude is still producing for the biggest artists in the game. Let’s hope for an even bigger 2019.

  • Mika, or someone else, can u please upload that Eve Guess whos single song? I didnt even know that existed. Peas

  • Wow besides the sweetener tracks and some motw this year kinda sucked imo

  • @Mika Thanks for the list buddy!

    ...but I’m still pretending Flannel never happened last year

  • Staff

    Did "Tokyo Dip" release on platforms ? Never found it on Spotify. Someone has it (cdq) ?

  • @K-Otik nah it didn’t =\
    watch the video on YT

  • @Mika would u please bless us with a zip or folder containing the 2018-Nepchoons-gems? THX

  • I missed a few of these, first year in a loooong time that I didn’t hear everything ☹️
    Waiting on that upload 🙏🏽

  • damn I missed a lot of stuff! =(

  • Does anyone know where I can find Chad Hugo's Lemon Edit?

  • Admin


    N¤E¤R¤D - Lemon feat. Rihanna (Chad Hugo Edit) (18')

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