The time P was mad at Gwen

  • She talked about this on Howard Stern’s radio show a while back, he really hated the added yodeling on “Wind It Up”. Glad it came up on camera this time.

  • @Dookie Gwen is a genius because I cannot imagine 'wind it up' without the yodeling 😂

  • dat hoodie tho

  • I prefer the yodelling free version tho... Pharrell was right on this one, as always to be honest lol...

  • i actually dont mind the yodelling, it makes the track a bit more fun and differnt

  • Staff

    I love the bass line part.

    Does anyone remember the version that had a horse whining on it? I preferred that. It brought the track together and made it weirder.

  • @lord_willin the neptune mix (without the sample) is coo nothin crazy

  • @Dookie yo but wasnt that one unofficial?

  • Staff

    @lord_willin nope, it’s on the official single. You can still find it now on Apple Music/Spotify

  • you know im just appreciative. in hindsight im thankful she chose to yodel, or not in hindsight cus i dont look back but, you know im just thankful. Very appreciative, humbled.

  • @Mavis you are right, i just realized that that version has totally removed the yodeling, even the yodeling adlibs arent on that mix, thats actually so hilarious 😅 P really hated that yodeling that he made an additional "original version" lol

  • Yodeling made it unique. Good call Gwen.

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