Weeknd - Wanderlust (Pharrell Remix) got released as a single?

  • So I'm hearing Weeknd - Wanderlust (Remix) on all 3 pop stations in my city. And it gets introduced as Weeknd and Pharrell - Wanderlust.
    Had no idea he released it as a single.

    Also hearing Ed Sheeran - SING and Happy every couple of hours. Liar Liar by Cris Cab gets play here and there.
    No idea what the point of this thread is, but let's use it to discuss Pharrell- produced singles and their performance.

    It's amazing how much momentum got built on Blurred Lines and Get Lucky. 6 years with just miss after miss - and now 6 songs on Billboard within a year.

    I hope he puts out a sick single for Usher (NOT the Nicki Minaj one - that song won't perform on the charts). One that can bring R&B Usher back.

  • @Playahater If he puts out the one in that one on stage video where he played aerosol, we gone be alright, and a couple others that would be rlly cool. I would listen and enjoy it when it comes on the radio. I may even sing along. Maybe. If the feeling is right and that's what I feel in my heart I will sing.

  • Fuck you just reminded me of that "We Gon' Be Alright!" song AHHHHHH THAT WAS AMAZING!

    Why haven't we got this yet man, this would help the drought we got right now

  • @3000 Yeah that beat is so ill. Bia rapped over it when Pharrell performed down in VA last month and the bass line, chords, everything just sounded so good I wanted to cry in the stands. I thought of the forum when it came on. lmbo

  • YO WTH Bia performed over that beat??? And we have no footage of this??

  • @Deo Mannn We NEED that footage lol

  • In terms of the Usher single, P got to give him that "U Don't Have to Call" 2014 version lol. It would have to be on the same level or better than "Good Kisser". That song is so great! It captured that R&B essence to the core.

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