• like deadass this is my favorite album after in search of. like nigga was seriously on some next shit with some of these that i dont think people graspped. even that rough draft shit of 'creamsickle', i can see what he was going for, with the melody and all that. mamacita is so sick too, and i love swagger itnl. man, like you can do it too changed my life and i really like you girl is a solid 14/9 song. im listening to take it off right now and im just like wow wtf this shit is crazy. rendom thread and kinda has no point but got damn. and i can forsure tell that Gush was from 06 era but never finished, that has in my mind written all over it. and move that dope verse, wow, thats that 06 p man, that Gettin SOme Head remix flow but with the southern tone of Already Platinum. man. im so over this disco era lowkey. and dude, its this 21 second video of you can do it too live in cape town i want that full thing sooo bad, the live bad sounds so nice dude. if anyone can find that, a live version of angel and a live version of i really like you i would love you so hard much forever today

  • mannn, IMM is the best. "i really like you - Take It Off - Stay With Me" played back to back are so beautiful. i always have to listen to those tracks together, that track order is perfect!

  • Lol I've been thinking about IMM and that whole era in general. I loved the zone P was in. IMM is up there with Fly or Die for me. I miss P's raps over sick ass Neptunes beats. I'ma dedicate this whole day to the best of P's raps starting with Make This Run. Dope thread, Tyler.

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    I dunno.

  • Yes. I like it better than GIRL at least. I really like the attitude of it. When I first bought it back in 06, I wasn't really feeling it. But as I got older, it started to make more sense. I wanna raid that USB Chad gave to P cause I love all the drums he used on the album.

  • I like Fly or Die the most though,
    But yea In my mind will always be timeless
    to me at least

  • I agree @BabyMilo!! IMM was an awesome album!! I Really Like You Girl was my shit!!!

  • I really like you girl and take it off will always be untouchable to me. I wish P would go back to that style in hi s new music tbh

  • im tired of the sound he's using now

  • Don't get me wrong i love IMM but i like GIRL better. I always felt IMM was lacking something and i was a little disappointed by that.

  • thats crazy cause i KNOW girl is lacking something. its like niggas found the formula to make a perfect song that everyone overall would love. shit is bunz man.

  • I agree with this.

  • The bridge of "Smile" is the type of shit I wanna hear in his new music. But it all sounds the same these days. I feel like IMM had more layers and each track sounded unique.

  • GIRL feels like it has no soul. Even at wireless last week, people didn't really give a damn about the songs from girl but when Frontin came on, the screams were immense. As someone mentioned, pharrell has learned how to make the perfect record but now his stuff sounds too polished. We need that different experimental shit back. No more get lucky rip offs either.

  • In My Mind definitely had more filler than G I R L, more songs that I just flat out didn't like but it had better songs than GIRL. I still think overall as a finished product G I R L is a much better album.

    I bet a Questlove(Pharrell and the Yessirs) remix of G I R L would pretty crazy though

  • thats what it is. GIRL like, it had no soul man. idk how to explain it. its like polished or something. like, idk. like he was saying something on Best Friend And How Does It Feel. each track sounded different. like, Baby was about him eye fucking girls that he didnt know and what would happen if they actually got together and shit. Number One!? like that shit man, the different chord changes at the intro and the verses and the hooks. manm idk. maybe im stuck there but i felt that shit. its full of life and stuff. its not perfect. its off beat as fuck stuff and yeah

  • "You Can Do It Too" had me feeling like MJ-Cigar-Air-Jordan.jpg

  • I prefer Out of My Mind personally. ?uest and them took that to a whole different level for me and I think they embodied what P was going for for that whole album. Like they just understood.

    edit I wanted to post the sessions buuuuuuuut.......

  • In my mind was a dope album, I hated out of my mind.... I remember alot of people on ST forum hated in my mind. Picked "that girl" as a single which imo was one of the worst on the album lol...

  • that girl was the worst on the album for you?! whaaaaa... I just think once again p was too far ahead of his time and people didn't get that shit. and now he like condemns the album saying it had no substance but it had plenty. it just wasn't a success like he planned. I think what hurt him the most was the delay.. didn't they keep pushing the release date?

  • Totally agree, IMM was unique. G I R L is cool too but it's lacking those signature Neptunes chord changes and bridges. Did he get bored of those maj7 chords!? He doesn't seem to use them too much these days but i'm still liking some of his new stuff, especially the Ed Sheeran tracks

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