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    @MortenMars said in ‘Something In The Water' Thread:

    @René said in ‘Something In The Water' Thread:

    Instead as a neptunes fan I have to endure shit like saw lightning, momma i hit a lick, that asapferg song, GIRL except Gust of Wind or this uninspiring Twilight song

    game's over @Playahater, we all know its you

    LMAO ! I was going to say that yesterday but I thought it was too mean LOL

  • Rene, i understand what you feel about it, but you have to realize that ppl are different with different tastes, so maybe you could've expressed it easier way, no one ever really cares what you (me) (someone else) likes, it's all relative things, and a matter of a taste, which was based on so many factors! To each his own (perception wise). Be more deep and intelligent about it ;)

  • what happened to him announcing something?

  • @Hunter that was my original plan but after getting sick earlier in the week I didn't want to make my way through the crowd/bake in the sun for so long. luckily I found a scalper to trade his vip pass for a good price on top of my ga. how was your festival experience overall? totally agree with you on teddy's set being the highlight on Sunday

  • @wiggles man I stood out there in the rain on the beach Friday night, figured a lil dying from thirst and some sore ass fucking feet was worth it to see P. Def would’ve gotten VIP but it was just a BIT too expensive to be worth it to me. I was satisfied with GA for the most part. As for the festival... shit is honesty still a blur. The euphoria still ain’t worn off. My feet and my neck feel like they’re both about to detach from my body and I’m exhausted (and poor) beyond belief. But I’m def gonna remember this weekend for the rest of my life. And I’m sure that goes for anybody on here that was out there. I keep seeing tweets and shit by Complex about Jay-Z getting brought out and shit and I think “wow...” and then it hits me that I was right there watching it. I don’t know. This whole thing was just an incredible experience. Met some amazing people out there. Saw some crazy ass shit. Got stories and shit about P and them from locals literally from Thursday night on. Everything is still setting in. Sorry for rambling btw, I just can’t get over this shit....

  • @Andrew Thanks that you can understand me a little bit!

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  • @Hunter I FEEL YOU!!

    The fact that the line-up was so awesome and came at the very 1st world problem cost of having to stand through ASAP FERG earlier in the day -- to then keep surviving through travis scott's set and THENNNN keep standing through Pharrell now bringing out legend after legend back to back -- if I would have died, I would have went out happy (no pun intended) -- but it was really a grueling gauntlet to stand 5+ hours on sand in the middle of 70,000 people on a hot beach. I was thankful for the rain on Sunday eve during uncle charlie -- was oddly poetic when Chris Brown came out and performed 'wet' -- right after Pharrell came to mediate him after the "if this was me 5 years ago I would beat that nigga ass" in reference to his set being almost cut short (that nigga would be referencing the sound coordinator i'm sure, obviously not Pharrell) . Loved that moment, actually. Same w/ Pharrell poppin out and throwing Coco off during her "Right Here" peromance lol, he did his prayer hands and ran back off stage.

    Teddy Riley was amazing -- he is the entire reason everyone was standing on the beach viewing this experience, if you think about it. Actually, when rumpshaker came on, Pharrell bent down and spoke to Rocket -- I'm sure something to the degree of "this is what got daddy started" or something of the sort was stated.

    Very surreal weekend -- looking forward to next year. @Hunter I dont know if you were there really late Sunday after Andy Paak performed, but they did like a big band motorcade type thing with a crowd of people flooding out into the streets -- that was awesome as well.

    A+++++ show -- literally the greatest line-up in history w/ the combined guest acts. 2020 I'm headed back fasho.

  • @matic_touch Yeah Saturday was full of suffering but P's set made up for ALL that shit. But man wish i could've seen that big band parade shit!!! I left after Charlie to hit the Timberland joint and try and get a shirt but they were closed (due to the rain I'm guessing). Got some food on Atlantic and by the time I got back to the beach so I could stay late and hit the merch stand to cop one more thing once the crowd had mostly left, the post-Chris exit crowd was in full force and they had closed the entrance gates despite Anderson still performing. I was lowkey pissed and figured I'd head back to where I was staying before I had to take another $75 Uber like I did Saturday night lol. As for next year...I'm about to start saving up for REAL lol

  • @Hunter yeah I got hit hard with a $50 Uber on Saturday night. We ended up getting a rental car for all of Sunday’s festivities — will prob do that the next time, we stayed in Norfolk VA about 25-28 mins from the beach, so it was just hell to get back to there w/ the price surging and ish. Def will know better next year lol.

  • @matic_touch I feel that bro. I was in VB on the border with Norfolk. Would’ve rented a car if I was old enough lol

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    Pharrell’s ‘Something In The Water’ Festival Recap (2019)


  • @Hunter @matic_touch i stayed 20 min away from the beach, due to my first hotel reservation got canceled because of the bad weather on Friday and my flight got canceled, yeah i paid 50 bucks for uber on Saturday but Sunday the rates were decent in total I paid 33 bucks

  • question for those who attended, was being on a beach inconvenient or cool? like was y'all getting sand in your shoes and clothes and shit or was it fine?

  • @whevesy oh yeah it was def sand in shoes for sure -- I wore some low vans (wtapp vans) and I had socks on cause I hate that feeling. Basically people had to dump their shoes out every few moments. People lost sandals and slides and stuff everywhere. I've never stood in sand for 6 hours straight before, but just the fact that the wasn't really a consistent 'level' of balance over time, does take a toll on my legs since it's constant readjusting and sliding down on small dunes under your feet.

  • @matic_touch you pretty much described everything perfectly lol

  • @Hunter i thought my app was broken when lyft said it would be $100 lmao luckily uber was only $56. gonna look into places to stay more in advance to be closer to the beach/dont have to worry about transportation. all the inconveniences aside this was definitely my favorite live music experience. the lineup was too good and i can't wait to see how they'll try to top it next year (need to get JT there!)

  • @matic_touch how was parking? the way they said there wouldn't be any made me not get a car

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    I’ll def go next year if they get more modern artists. It was cool that P bought out so many legends but it bordered on being a nostalgia fest (not hating at all, it looked really fun!)

    I hope next time it becomes more future looking

  • @Mavis what's wrong with a nostalgia fest?

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