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    @S0nicNERD said in ‘Something In The Water' Thread:

    @Mavis what's wrong with a nostalgia fest?

    Nothing wrong with nostalgia! Everyone loves to hear their favourites.

    I’m just saying for me personally, i’d go if it was more future facing and was giving me something I’d never seen before.

    Like, flog gnaw is great because it has a mix of current artists, some people that are about to blow up. And then real classic performers. I’ve travelled for that multiple times. It feels unique.

    Anyway SITW looked great! So I’m by no means speaking bad about that. All your photos and everything look really cool

  • i can relate to what mavis is saying. i was really regretting not going to this to see pharrell perform, thinking i'd be missing out on something (new music, etc). then when i saw what ended up happening my immediate reaction was, 'oh, so it like another nba all star game performance.' i'm sure that's selling it short to those that actually went, but in my mind i've seen a similar pharrell and friends show before. sure, the players were different and i know the jay-z surprise was awesome for those in attendance, but seeing that i didn't miss out on anything i haven't heard before makes me feel a bit better about not going. i'm really not trying to cheapen it for those that went so if it sounds that way i apologize. it looks like u guys had an awesome time and i'm really happy that u did. it's probably more about me trying to convince myself i made the right choice by not buying tickets lol

  • @pappoo as an attendee I definitely can see how you’d feel that way as someone looking from the outside in. What made it worth it to me at least was more than just the performance, it was really the EXPERIENCE of just being in that city, eating at those restaurants that all them dudes be eating at, riding down those same streets. And as someone who has never seen Pharrell or any of those guys live, being able to do that not only in their hometown but really getting that full immersion beyond “just a set at a festival” was surreal. The performance was just a small part of the big picture for me. Of course, that’s just me though. I’m sure the others that went prob interpreted their trip differently.

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    @Hunter oh yeah that’s a good point that I didn’t really consider. What’s VA beach like? Is it how you imagined?

  • @Mavis I purposely avoided any pictures of Virginia Beach or Norfolk just so I’d be totally surprised when I got there lol. It was nice. Lots of trees and hills and shit. The beach/boardwalk area was really cool, pretty foreign to me because being from Dallas I really don’t be going to beaches like that. All the locals I met were beyond nice and eager to share tips and such. Just a welcoming atmosphere overall. I can definitely see how that city created the people it did.

  • @wiggles Parking was pretty packed, but a lot of the local business opened their lots for like $40 bucks, some official lots were over $60 -- so the day we rented a car, which was cheaper than Ubering all weekend, we were able to park really close at this boardwalk rasta market place that was right by the Sony and Timberland event areas.

    VA Beach was beautiful, though. Very quick flights to get there, I could see myself going again for a quick close getaway.

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