Opinions/Thoughts on Logic Pro X???

  • Hey Guys,

    I'm about to get a new macbook Pro and I was thinking about diving into Logic Pro X since I'm basically starting my catalogue over. For those of you that use Logic, what are your thoughts on Logic Pro X and its function in comparison to Logic Pro 9? I know I could just research this and I still on doing so but I figured i could get some really good feedback from some of you here on the forum. Thoughts...

  • Well. If your just starting or starting over, then LPX is cool I guess. I mean, I have it and tried it for a bit but I still prefer to use 9. The LPX drum selection sux a bit. It feels more like garage band. On the plus side the sounds have a nice boost before adding any fx to the channels, that's kind of cool. Idk one day I'll make the jump, but right now 9 is home.

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