Opinions/Thoughts on Logic Pro X???

  • Hey Guys,

    I'm about to get a new macbook Pro and I was thinking about diving into Logic Pro X since I'm basically starting my catalogue over. For those of you that use Logic, what are your thoughts on Logic Pro X and its function in comparison to Logic Pro 9? I know I could just research this and I still on doing so but I figured i could get some really good feedback from some of you here on the forum. Thoughts...

  • Well. If your just starting or starting over, then LPX is cool I guess. I mean, I have it and tried it for a bit but I still prefer to use 9. The LPX drum selection sux a bit. It feels more like garage band. On the plus side the sounds have a nice boost before adding any fx to the channels, that's kind of cool. Idk one day I'll make the jump, but right now 9 is home.

  • Sorry for the bump

    But I just got a new MacBook and got LPX I’m coming from a PC & was wondering what are good plug ins / vst’s for this?

    (You’re right about the whole Garage Band feel to this..)

  • Ive been using Logic Pro X since i started seriously producing and ive been loving it.

  • Yeah it’s dope! What plug ins do you use/[email protected]

  • Although I use Reason to produce, at work, we use Logic and I must say that its pretty good. My only issue with it is that it relies too much on VSTs for you to get the best out of it, as compared to Reason where the stock sounds and effects are much better.

  • @GT01 Alchemy is what my friend and i use a lot

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