this is sick, and i know this is around the same time he starting making all these simple disco beats with that double hit hat hit before the clap shit but on this one he nailed it! but seriously i dont eve remember hearing this. and tose chords sound like the MJ song they sampled for break of dawn at certain parts, wait thats not it but its a MJ song that those chords are based from. this is sick tho wow

  • I must be an idiot too......unless Mika made it.

    Edit and those chords are crazy. I'm more impressed with the vocal leads. Kind of reminds me of Justin. Robin never shows his range in my opinion so it's refreshing to hear him hit those runs.

  • SOS Baby pt. 2

  • lmao wow you just hearing this milo? This song is a freaking classic to me. Still Hope Robin and Pharrell make a full album together. Everything they do is straight gold.

  • can't believe you haven't heard this either....SO GOOD

  • Staff

    Yeah i lke it too. Best of the disco songs.

    It's really similar to this too

    Is the Thicke track The Neptunes or just P? Because it has a lot of things that P doesn't normally do - vocoder, harder bass , slow build up, more than 2 melodies etc. ? either way i like it

  • Robin Thicke - Another Life

    Leah Labelle - So Hot

    Both are classics. I remember Chad was in the studio during that period with Robin and Pharrell.


  • yea that Robin Thicke track is a serious tune

  • That Piano on So Hot, love that kinda playing he does.

  • yo that So Hot is fucking amazing when the fuck did that come out?!?!? wow. i really like it.

    but, she cant hit the notes or riffs that pharrell can naturally hit, it sound really awkward at times esp. in the first verse haha. i wanna hear pharrells demo so hard

  • somebody retweet this love tho? WY1jG.png

  • @axele said:

    somebody retweet this love tho? WY1jG.png

    i cringe everytime i hear it #shivers

  • What the hell? I've never heard this either! Shit is marvolous

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