Red Velvet - Happiness (Chad Hugo)

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    YESSSS I've been waiting for The Neptunes to get into K-Pop for a long time. Good to see Chad get back to his Korean roots.

    No idea what he did on this beat though.. there's like 5 writers/producers right? I'm guessing he did the guitar bit and the 'hoo ha' backing vocals.

  • @Mavis At Last!!!! You know how long I've been waiting for this bruv lol. Actually a pretty decent song. Similarly, not sure where Chad fits in with the composition, but its great to FINALLY get some Neptunes x kpop. Happy

  • Oh man, I initially heard about this video because it made news on a major gaming blog for having some anti-Japanese headlines in the newspaper segment of the video and but I had no idea Chad Hugo helped compose the song. I hope they get rid of that segment and the group doesn't get sucked into a negative news storm. (Update:Looks like they did the right thing and removed the negative content) The song and video have a fun positive vibe and it seemed weird and inappropriate to have that in there.

    @Mavis What Korean roots does Chad Hugo have? I know his parents are Filipino but I've never heard anyone ever say anything about him having Korean roots.

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  • lmao at this vid

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    @Deo Yeah i thought he was just filipino too but he was born in Korea according to this interview

  • @Mavis said:

    wow, that's really interesting - sounds like maybe he was just born there, but quite intriguing that there is some connection with korea, had no idea

  • wtf is this shit? is exactly what i thought too!

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    Less than a week after it's released and this track is already at #8 in Korea and expected to climb higher next week. Looks like Chad is about to be in demand over there...

    edit: to the people saying 'wtf' and stuff. I can understand why you're saying that. But this song and video are good in the context of 'K-pop', which is a whole genre and culture that probably makes zero sense from a western perspective.

  • @Mavis agreed, as a kpop song this is genuinely one of the best I've heard in a while, so varied, quite quirky and one of the dopest sounding bridges I've heard on a track in any genre for a while.... And then the vocal section towards the end is pretty sick. But I'm a huge kpop fan, so of course I'm going to love this.

    I think one of the reasons it is doing that well is because its on SM label (home to girls generation, f(x) EXO etc.) and the hype is always going to be big for a debut of a group under that label - and obviously well promoted (controversy aside). That being said, reception of the music itself seems to have be really good. If Chad got big there I'd be in heaven, just the prospect .... wow.

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    I feel like the 'controversy' was built into the video on purpose as a marketing tactic. Especially after some stuff i've learned recently, i now know nothing happens by mistake.

    Yeah it'd be cool if he got big there... The movement of western artists into K-pop is interesting, Diplo, Bauer & Boyz Noise have already produced big K-pop hits and now Pharrell, Skrillex, Chad & MIA are collabing with K-pop artists. I'm glad they're all so open minded (and i'm glad it's just good artists too - skrillex excluded).

    I just hope it doesn't change the scene too much. It'll be cool if all of these people try and fit into the K-pop world instead of vice versa. Should be an interesting few years.

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