Why didn't The Neptunes ever finish this?

  • Staff

    This is easily in my top 5 all time neptunes songs... i just wish they finished it. Would have easily beaten anything from Justified with that old MJ/Stevie feel

    Which other demo songs do you wish they finished?

  • @Dark-Moonlight I MISS those drum patterns, love them so

  • likewise. i'm still waiting for that Lindsay Lohan Playground song

  • ''What's a guy got to do'' and ''Certified'' are easily in my top 5 Neptunes productions too. These are Neptunes at his finest: the musicality, the groove and those bridges... Can't beat that!. They sound pretty finished to me maybe half-way mixed.... Didn't those songs leaked prematurely to make it on the final cut..?..

  • Forgot about how dope that 'feet t don't fail me now' is

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