Denitia and Sene - the nude. (mssl cmmnd remix)

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    This is cool i really like it... I heard this when they were working on it, it was 100% different before. More synthy.

    edit: listened to it again. I'm glad chad is still doing weird stuff, like the part when the synth climbs up and the drums go strange. I wish that kind of thing would come back into The Neptunes music,

  • this is awesome!

  • @Mavis finally caught up and definitely with you on Chad doing weird stuff. I might be wrong(?), but I think some of the tracks that seemed just a bit too overly experimental were exactly that, experimental. It seems he is defining a new sound (both solo and with mssl cmmnd) and those were stepping stones in getting there. but dude, this IS still Neptunes music - BUT I do agree that experimental streak is missing from P's stuff as of late, he seems to have become super comfortable in a certain zone on all his songs lately (with the exception of that Hatsune Miku remix). Seems like we perpetually have only one Neptune on top form lol

  • Woah this is really cool, I'm really liking the Missile Command stuff from this year!

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