Sam Smith - Stay With Me (mssl Cmmnd remix)

  • Did this ever get posted? Well its the first time I came across it and its excellent, so wanted to share in case any others hadn't heard either.

  • @superjdoug some of the synths remind me a lot of Kenna NSC, especially the start of Sunday after you, probably my favourite Kenna joint

  • What do you guys think of Sam Smith? I love his music man. Dudes voice sounds amazing to me

  • @Playahater still plays his LP since it got released. I'm happy he's blowing up.

  • Staff

    His fake american/jamaican accent irritates me as much as the fact that he has zero personality. Throw him on the pile of dull UK popstars along with Emili Sande, John Newman, Adele and Duffy

  • great voice though - still the favourite I've heard of his voice was on this:

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