Will we ever get a neptune production like this again!!!???

  • TO ME this epitomises what the neptune sound is!! what made it so unique and individual...from the vocal arrangement and subject matter to the clean crazy drum patterns to the spacey chords and synths flying about to the background adlibs from pharrell! THIS kinda feel...the soul behind this sound i havent felt in years!! I'm not gonna be a dummy and say the neptunes have gone shit coz chads gone or blah blah blah!! evolution and working with different sounds is also another aspect of my love for the neptunes! but i wonder if they ever will or do get into this head space ever again when deciding what to produce!

    im just a fan!

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    Will we get production like this again? Yeah sure... 'Feet to the fire' was pretty close to this standard/style anyway...

  • let's all have a group hug. who's with me? like this post so I know.

  • no those day are over

  • nigga..... This is the song that got me to fall in love with the neptunes.... Never again will we get something this pure.

  • This shit got nothing on Blurred Lines, get with the times man!

  • blurred lines? oh fuck i hate that song that is wild u said that song

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  • Mars was one of my first Neptunes favourites. Remember listening to it on repeat in 2000 or 2001 during my gcse's on the old portable cd players

  • yooaaww startrak yo...yoooaaaaawww!! U.F.O's who knows ... earth to your brain...is it already closed...your fucked PHOOOOM PHOOOM say no more this still bumps!!

  • Short answer is no. Although that doesn't mean great music is not on the horizon.

  • nah breh. it's over.

  • my user name came from this song!

    i miss this sound so much i would give a kindey to hear them produce stuff like this again.

  • I also miss the 2006-2009 Neptunes. I feel like that was a golden age as well for jazzier chords and drums. This still one of my fav songs of all time totally serious. Sums up that era to me.

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