I'm kinda mad @ Pharrell

  • I know this shit will sound weird, but, its just me or you feel a lil bit disapointed about Pharrell not throwing the Star Trak sign anymore?
    The last time I saw him throwing it up was @ Coachela (after a long time of the sign hiatus lol), and when the audience went nuts cause of it he put that lame ass index finger up (cause its kinda his thing now).
    Please tell me Im not alone in this!

  • Well whilst we're being a little weird.....

    Knowing that P never even watched one whole episode of Star Trek and didn't know what the salute actually meant kinda took the sheen off Star Trak in a silly way.

    I thought these mother fuckers were nerds dammit!

  • @3000 yes totally agree, that was a revelation to me too. In that context, the Leonard Nimoy interview was a bit plastic too, although I get that he was big on Nimoy through other avenues, but still... At the minute, I'm not mad with Pharrell, but for the first time in a long time (I think the only other time was probably around 2007) I am bored of him. I know not everyone had, but I'd really enjoyed the evolution of some new sounds these last few years (between Nothing and the start of this year), but a drought of new stuff, lack of development in the new tracks that have come, and this weird persona that has shown up more and more in interviews (due to the over saturation and sheer number of them) has really been a drag. But its all good, just my current opinion, and I know he will return to favour with me soon enough ;)

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    You guys know they took the Star Trak sign from Mork & Mindy right? not from Star Trek. P even used to say na-noo-na-noo and do mork impressions in all the old interviews. I think the label title was just a play on words and not necessarily meaning they were star trek fans.

  • @Mavis that may be so, but P pretty definitively attributes it to star trek here (5:42), which in some ways if what you say is correct makes it even more plastic. Idk...

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    @superjdoug yeah P just says whatever will make people happy

  • @Mavis yeah, can definitely agree on that

  • Yeah! I agree with you guys. He is overeacting this SUPER HUMBLE persona he is now. When I see an interview with him I have to watch one of Kanye's to balance the characters of my idols lol

  • @zurc lol, they really are 2 extremes

  • His lyrics are pretty cringe too.

    "Cause fear stands for, false evidence of appearin' real" from Smile off G I R L

  • He's kind of a pushover too. He was under fire for Blurred Lines so he felt he needed to prove that he loves women - by dedicating an album to women, and making declarations about inequality and women's rights - topics which are far too complex for Pharrell to speak about. He doesn't have that level of education and it shows.

    Then he comes under fire for his album not featuring models that are dark enough. Pushover P comes to the forefront again. Goes on radio stations - once again to talk of a subject that is far too complex for his level of education and knowledge. Of course in his incoherent babbling he brings in race, and "new black", etc. Digs a even bigger hole. Pushover P comes out again and he puts a dark chocolaty girl on the Marilyn Monroe album cover, as if to say "SEE I LOVE DARK WOMEN!"

    Pharrell big issue here, which we are all feeling in some way or another is that he doesn't know when to shut up. We get it, you are humble. We get it, women gave so much to you (way to ignore the fact that your core fan base are males). We get it, "what makes you different is what makes you special". Shut up already broski. Go and call Chad and Shae and make In Seach Of Part II: Still Searching.

  • I'll tattoo the shit out of this @Playahater reply on my arm! #SALUTE LOL

  • Lmaoooo at the fear break down yeah it does seem kind of corny ...

  • @Playahater well said

  • The great thing about this post is that I came with this corny ass subject and you guys made it worth it! lol

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