Chad or Pharrell?

  • So I don't know if this has been done as a topic yet, but I'm curious. Who do you guys enjoy/like more? And give reasons why please.

  • Tough to say. We can all agree they're perfectly good on their own but work real magic when they're together. With that being said, even though I enjoy G I R L, P's whole new mainstream persona is kinda irritating. Chad's low key personality makes him the underdog and people love an underdog. His recent productions are really dope though

  • Both. Really can't pick.

  • The Neptunes

  • Nepchuuunes mane

  • or Pharrell and Chad, or Chad and Pharrell..

    But on a serious note, right now, for me, Chad, last year Pharrell, sometimes both, seldom neither. I kind of like that about them, there's always some good output, and I'm more than happy to have that under the banner of 'The Neptunes'.

  • We need to get both back together

  • this topic has been done so many times lol
    not choosing one over the other, theyre both dope as hell

  • i have to agree with everyone. I def think they're both awesome but even better when they work together. is there anyway to tell which songs they've done separately. I know a majority of their songs are credited back to the Neptune's, but does anyone know which songs were actually just pharrell?

  • PHARRELL. I love Chad, I really do, but PHARRELL is just amazing at a lot of things. I guess Chad's music is a still a lil too much ahead of its time.

  • dude the bridge for take it from here is perfect, man i love those lyrics so much. When they fished out the chords for lets take a ride bridge ..epic shit

  • Pharrell. Because Chad's solo production is way to weird. Don't think I've ever liked any of his solo stuff since 2010. Way too synthesized and unstructured. Sounds like noise sometimes.

  • Chad seems to be more creative and versatile in what he does. Half the things he comes up with you don't expect but some aren't as easy on the ears.

    Pharrell is creative but not as versatile with his beats. You pretty much know what you're getting with Pharrell. He produces some really really nice beats and let's face it... He creates really dope bridges ;-)

    Hard to say on this one

  • Staff

    Chad for a lot of reasons. Pharrell is great but the thing that got me into the neptunes was the "weird". And I think it's become clear that most of the weirdness was coming from Chad.

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