Pusha T. – King Push: Darkest Before Dawn (The Prelude) (2015), Pusha T. – Switch feat. Pharrell (15′)

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    Here is the long awaited second studio album by Pusha T. ‘Darkest Before Dawn’, which doesn’t have any Neptunes tracks, but the album is pretty solid without any Neptunes nonetheless, Pusha released a short film with the album which came out a week earlier on Tidal and there is a new Neptunes track playin on the end credits titled ‘Switch‘ featuring Pharrell, which probably gonna be on his ‘King Push’ album coming next year in April. Pusha T’s new project is composed of 10 tracks, including the previously released “Crutches, Crosses, Caskets,” the haunting “M.F.T.R.,” and lead single, “Untouchable.”

    “I sat with Timbaland, I sat with Kanye, I sat with Sean Combs, Boi-1da, Nashiem Myrick, Mario Winans, Baauer, and Mano, and got from each of them the darkest part of their souls on these beats, and it marries everything I’m doing right now lyrically,” I’ve managed to loop the ‘Switch’ snippet for now, so +make sure to cop the album on iTunes and peep out his ‘Darkest Before Dawn‘ Tour Dates including his Short Film below.

    Pusha T. - Switch feat. Pharrell (15')

    Pusha T. – King Push – Darkest Before Dawn (The Prelude) (2015)
    01 – Intro (Metro Boomin’, JGramm Beats)
    02 – Untouchable (Milli, Timbaland)
    03 – M.F.T.R. feat. The-Dream (Boi-1da, Frank Dukes)
    04 – Crutches, Crosses, Caskets (Sean Combs, Mario Winans, Ke'noe, Da Honorable C.N.O.T.E.)
    05 – M.P.A. feat. Kanye West, A$AP Rocky & The-Dream (J. Cole, Kanye West)
    06 – Got ‘Em Covered feat. Ab Liva (Milli, Timbaland)
    07 – Keep Dealing feat. Beanie Sigel (Nashiem Myrick)
    08 – Retribution feat. Kehlani (Bobby Death, Timbaland)
    09 – F.I.F.A. (Q-Tip)
    10 – Sunshine feat. Jill Scott (Hudson Mohawke, Baauer, Kanye West)


    Pusha T. - Untouchable (Official Video) (2015)

    Directed by Harrison Boyce.

    Pusha T. - Crutches, Crosses, Caskets (Official Video) (2015)

    Directed by Kid Art.

    Pusha T. – M.F.T.R. (Official Video) (2015)

    Directed by Kid Art.

    Darkest Before Dawn (2016)

    Directed by Kid Art.

  • "Pharrell" ? what about those 20 days in the studio with The Neptunes? tsss

  • Dude I honestly think these guys aren't allowed to use the term The Neptunes anymore. Contractually or from a legal standpoint. Pharrell got asked about NERD and Neptunes a couple of months back and he only addressed NERD. He doesn't have the heart to say "Neptunes are no longer a thing".

    Something tells me Neptunes as a production group is under Interscope or whoever ST was signed with last - and they legally aren't able to get it back. Probably a loop hole or legal technicality.

    Therefore Pusha can say he's working with the Neptunes because of freedom of speech and everything. But when it comes to his albums paperwork and things he says that are in writing he can only say he worked with Pharrell. Because when people thing Pharrell they associate it with Neptjnes anyways. And vice versa.

    Or maybe I'm just being a conspiratard.

  • @Playahater i think there might be something to it

  • @Playahater or maybe Pharrell as a brand name is much bigger than The Neptunes hence why people use it to make more "noise".

  • Burgundy was credited to The Neptunes in '13 tho

  • @busy that's true now. But it wasn't true from 2005-2012 - when we started seeing Produced by Pharrell.

    And @Andre_1975 Yea you're right. And so was Trouble on my Mind by Tyler.

    Both artists on Odd Future were able to get the Neptunes for their credits. I donno how, but maybe there's something significant in the fact that they both are from the same label.

  • yeah but didn't it say produced by pharrell for the Neptunes?

  • @kidkardiac No it was just Neps, Chad was on Writer/ Composer credit also

  • out of those 20 tracks that he supposedly did with p and chad, only 1-2 are gonna make it on the album

  • Staff

    Fortunetly, we know Chad was in the studio this time.

  • @Andre_1975 I didn't mean for those specific songs but more as to what @Playahater was saying when we started seeing produced by pharrell.. but if you look at the credits for certain stuff you'll see produced by pharrell for the neptunes. for instance, i'm looking at good kid and sweet life and they both say that.. and i'm pretty sure i've seen it many more times

  • Staff

    Playahater you're digging way too deep. The Neptunes still exist. No contractual problems. People have been saying Pharrell's name in place of "the neptunes" pretty much forever.

  • What’s it like working with Chad in a post-Neptunes world?
    Don’t sleep. It seems like they don’t work together as much, but it doesn’t mean they don’t work together as much, if that means anything. They still work together. It’s not official, on multiple levels, but Chad and Pharrell will always be allies. They’ll always work together on things here and there. You never know when Chad’s involved with something. It may not be titled “Neptunes” anymore, but he’s always close by. When it comes down to the big picture of evolution, we all have different things to say with our lives, and naturally, there’s a progression there. I’ve always been kind of tangential to the Neptunes’ mast, but at the exact same time, I’ll see Pharrell this week, and I talk to Chad—Chad’s in Charlotte on the way back to VA right now. We’re far from each other on multiple levels, but we’re just making other things.


  • Yea after thinking about it, what I said makes no sense. We still do see Produced by Neptunes, Pharrell For the Neptunes and Pharrell From the Neptunes being used.

    But I'm just confused as to why they refuse to use the word Neptunes now. Or at least why they are hesitant. Kenna even said "it may not be called the Neptunes, but Chad is always around". Why don't they just call a spade a spade and say "Produced by the Neptunes".

    Is someone stubborn? Or do they want to move themselves away from the past really badly? And if so, why? Why would you want to distance yourself from a legendary name - when you know full and well that people are always going to associate you with it anyway.

    It would be like Wu Tang clan refusing to be called the Wu Tang clan when they're performing or making music together.

  • they always joked about not using they're name and changing it since way back so yuh.

  • Staff

    They don't use the term The Neptunes any more because Chad isn't even there when Pharrell meets these artists or writes the songs or whatever, and i don't think he feels like he's contributed enough to warrant a credit. I know Pharrell still sends Chad songs for an opinion and advice or to add something, but i don't think Chad really does that much on those songs. In fact, i know there are some major hits that came out last year that Chad flat out declined to work on even though P asked him to.
    They don't have 'The Neptunes' working relationship in the same way they used to and Chad isn't obliged to work with P all the time, and that's what Kenna refers to in his 'official' comment. It's just a case of as and when Chad feels like contributing.

    So - short version Neptunes = only when Chad & P are together making something in a room with equal creative input.

    In regards to Pusha, i think he just used the easiest name to build hype. (because that really was the neptunes).

  • @Mavis can you say which songs in specific Chad refused to work on? Was it because he felt he didn't need to add anything? Or was it more sinister than that?

  • Staff

    Naww I won't name the songs but it should be easy to guess them and i'm not sure of Chad's reasoning. He just does what he wants.

  • True. Also, I guess Neptunes are automatically associated with that distinct early 2000s sound. Even the space themed name is reminiscent of the space-age fad and culture that was prominent back then (Look at pop/rap/r&b vids from 98-2002...so much space themed shit).

    And I guess they want to distance themselves away from that so they don't seem corny and dated. Like how people roll their eyes when they see 112 or Sisqo.

    Chad's MSSLCMMND is space themed but its a completely different sound and idea. Done more tastefully. Chad's music may be a bit different but it's parallel to what a lot of lesser known chill wave, EDM producers are doing (like Com Truise).

  • Does it really matter to this extent. As long as Pharrell is there I'm good. I would love for Pusha to work with more with Just Blaze or release that record they did together for MNIMN. Good call on Needlz & Baauer. Also would like to see how Pusha can do with guys like Alchemist & 88-Keys.

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