N*E*R*D Fly or Die

  • So guys this is a mix CD ive had for a few years. My older brother burned it and eventually passed it down to me. Its fly or die but like...the leaked songs I'm assuming. the mixes are different(some of the songs are retail, im assuming* some bad rips or just early mixes*),* mixtape version of don't worry about it is on here*, that ghostly intro is on here and towards the end are locked away, papa roach don't look back (the original version im assuming) and a snippet of big white space ship. but this is the fly or die CD i obsessed over day and night.

    since its my personal dropbox, I prob wont leave it up for too long... link here:

  • @VandG Nice one mate!

  • awesome, dude

  • This is just too cool man! Thanks!!

  • Staff

    Thanks for uploading but this is fake as fuck. That intro is 100% not the neptunes. Don't look back was recorded 2 years before fly or die , and came out 2003 and the version on that folder is no different to that 03 one. locked away is the version that leaked first. big white spaceship "snippet" is ripped from a Clinton Sparks mixtape and still has his tags on etc...

  • @Mavis well yeah i never said it was official, just a mix cd
    thanks for clearing that intro up. i know some ppl were asking about it and wanted to hear it and i know some ppl dont have that version of dont look back, I know I didnt have it on my HD

  • @Mavis said:

    Thanks for uploading but this is fake as fuck.

    lmaooo im fucking dead

  • Gonna Grab this Later

  • hhahaha. and the original DOnt worry About It was on some Revenge Of The Nerds By Jus Ske mixtape from 2003.

  • That intro...

  • Admin

    lol yeh that Intro has been made back in 2003 when FLy Or Die was leakin track after track, we needed a Intro :D... good times

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