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    I'm huge nerd building robots and stuff, but I build other stuff too. Been working on a this custom computer for a competition these past 6 months in my spare time, which is finally nearing its completion.

    I know I'm not the only one with nerd hobbies, fess up.

    here's some teaser pics.





  • wow this is mental. i just eat crisps all day, no talent there.

  • that's tight! i've been collecting gen 1 & 2 Pokemon lately. these are my current favs ❤️image.jpg

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    @axele OMFG Articuno, Zapdos, AND Moltres?!?! stop playing bruh. I see you got Blastoise and Charizard, where's Venusaur?

  • @Mari brehhh I'm looking for him sooo bad, all i have is ivysaur :(

    yung nidoqueen, yung sandslash on the keyring tho

  • I collect comic books, I had around 350 or so comics the last time I counted, here's a pic from a black friday haul in 2012


    I play Magic The Gathering, been playing since 2007, I only play casual now, I kind of fell out of the loop with Standard and I need someone to show me how to play Commander. I got MTGO like a few months back though, and getting spanked so often in classic kind of turned me off it for awhile. I'll probably start back up playing MTGO eventually though

    I watch Professional Wrestling religiously and discuss it online on various web forums

    And like a lot of people here, i'm also super music nerd, everything about it, I love finding new shit I'd never heard before from all kinds of weird genres, everything from Bluegrass to Black Metal to Old School RnB albums. I tend to spend all day listening to and making music(been making a lot of 90s sound house lately). I'm looking to start collecting Cassettes and Vinyl, that'd be dope as hell to have. There's a lot of online distros that sell like obscure cassettes from crazy bands and shit.

  • @Spock yo you collect image and x men too?

  • @noidea90 I have some image and X-Men stuff, if i'm not mistaken I have a couple of the early Spawn comics(I'm pretty sure I have the first appearance of Angela), I have American Jesus(highly recommended btw, even if you just cop a .cbr of it), and i'm looking to get my hands on some Hack/Slash stuff. As far as X-men, I have some X-Force stuff and a few Silver Age randoms lying around

    EDIT: Just checked yeah I got Spawn #9

  • Well i used to collect comics when i was a kif and bearly im getting back in to it, im reading the Original Sin story

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