THE VOICE vs. Artist Talk- what a terrible mistake

  • Hi Guys,

    just a little rant here.
    I think Pharrells decision to let slip Artist Talk, and instead focus on this lame pop mess is a terrible mistake.
    He doesn´t need the money, nor the potential artists for his roaster, instead sacrifices one of TEH most interesting and serious series of his career.What a dumb move.

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    @Tray-Loader I agree, but at the same time i'm happy for him because i'm sure he's dreamed of being this big pop star/business mogul his whole life and now he's living his dream and working with one of his best friends every week (gwen). So even though it's lame, it's also nice to see.

  • "You want to know why I'm doing this," he says, as if to preempt any skepticism. "Producing is what I do every day, talking to people about what they want in their track, giving them advice about what sounds good juxtaposed with their voice and their style. That's what I'll be doing on the show, but it's a huge platform, and it's about paying it forward. The universe has been good to me, so it's like, 'What can I share with you guys?' I'm hoping that some person in Iowa can take some of my advice, internalize it and go and be bigger than all of us put together."

  • and we will be able to see Pharrell producing people! Mixed feelings, I know! But we WON

  • No.
    It´s not about that.
    It´s about exploring not MILKING.
    In this case P reduces his goals to a financial one.
    Artist talk-
    each edition revealed more about the MENSCH Pharrell and his inner soul than 20 Youtube teasers (with endless repetitions like for example the G I R L approach).
    And this is what makes an artist bigger than life.
    Now he limits himself to Pop and entertainment.Too easy for him.
    I think the producer of AT has every right to sue him.This guy had a vision.Pharrell begins to lack it again.His recent interviews are super boring.There´s a good chance of him now slipping into the Robin Thicke spiral.

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    This post is deleted!

  • the robin thicke spiral? you trippin.. I get why the guy is suing buttttt I will be tuning in to watch P on the voice

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