Cee Lo just posted this on Facebook and Twitter...

  • "This song is my absolute truth! it's all i ever wanted to be as an artist, man and human being. I wholeheartedly..." (I'm glad more people aside from us Neptunes fans are going to hear it and i hope his whole "situation" blows over soon so we can hear some more Cee lo and Neptunes!)

  • i was with him like two months ago and i said this was like his best song, he said it was for the album but the label said it didnt have ano album feel smh

  • the label?.. haha jokes. this song is a masterpiece.

  • Haha damn that beat I made starts playing at the end

  • Dig! You can def hear the Stevie Wonder influence with this one...

  • still think this is one of the neps fullest sounding songs period.

    like they put away all the casio keyboards and shit.

  • this joint is tight.
    I like the mssl cmnd rmx too

  • Staff

    Subtlest song they've ever done.

  • this is godly.

  • Every song Cee-Lo has done with the Neptunes is damn near perfect.

  • i love the chords for scream chorus. and the bridges rmx is crack.

  • Yeah, I love The Art Of Noise so much and really like Let's Stay Together. Bridges is dope too, but I gotta say his rape chat recently has been pretty disturbing.

  • he's buggin smh

  • This is one of the best Neptunes productions feels like you are listening to real world class quality production im glad he loves it too. This song would destroy the radio but I fear it will never be given the chance

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