N*E*R*D - No_One Ever Really Dies (2017)

  • @matty a little bit, i bumped it today

  • Deep Down Body Thurst forever

  • @Neptonik facts!

  • @matty nope.

  • @Playahater ahaha

    @Neptonik yep deep down body thirst & lightning fire magic prayer are up there with my favorite nerd tracks.

    I still reckon they missed an opportunity not releasing Violá as a single for the summer. Shoulda shot a video, sans the dancers, of them and Gucci rollin around in Bentley’s and Benz’z, or maybe a summer remix with Quavo and Young Thug or something...

  • Rollinem 7s gets constant plays from me. I love that song so much

  • Staff

    I was bumping that album all the way until a few weeks ago and then suddenly I got tired of it. I’m really only listening to Hive Mind, random Jvcki Wai songs and the new Santigold album at the moment.

  • @Mavis
    Hive Mind is incredible

  • i may go to the sf show idk i wanna see rollen dem 7s

  • @BabyMilo u gotta go, the ny show was so fucking good im driving down from la to sf so I can see them live again, and also rollinem 7s live IS THE FUCKING CRAZIEST THING LIVE I HAVE EVER WITNESSED

  • @Mavis It's new Santigold WTF have I been?!

  • @BabyMilo You should go bro!!...shit will be crazy!! i'm hyped!

  • Rollinem 7s got some new life for me after the live show - currently peak enjoyment of that which is crazy given it’s been out 9 months. The rest of the album listening less, but can see myself coming back to it later in the year

  • Staff

    @BabyMilo you’ll enjoy it even if you don’t enjoy the new direction.

    Bless Shae chad and P for allowing me to tag along on tour with them a few times this year. The new show is so good and high energy.

  • @matty It's one of the few albums downloaded straight to my phone so I played some of it for the first time in a long time about a couple of weeks ago when I was in a dead cell zone. Most of it already feels like a time capsule so while I may not play it on the regular I might go back here and there if I'm ever feeling nostalgic a while from now. Lightning Fire Magic Prayer probably gets the most play out of any single track from me.

  • Still love kites

  • Staff

    @knoxx yeah that’s my favourite ! Electro-pop-punk

  • Damn its rlly fucking crazy to me that kites is a stand out track to yall

  • kites, and the bassline on secret life of tigers my favs.

  • Only song which never took off for me since the first listen is Lifting You - I liked the dub vibes, but that yellow light blip sound just sounds so trash here, overall song just sounds off

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