N*E*R*D - No_One Ever Really Dies (2017)

  • The album has aged well. I fucking told ya'll!!

  • deep down body thurst, esp, lightning fire still my favs.

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    I still think it’s wild that the person who benefited the most from this album was Mette

  • @Mavis did it really tho? I mean have u heard of her or seen her in a video lately? However, I genuinely think that the album enhanced pharrells career as an artist.

  • @KevinMorow she has been doing a lot of work behind the scenes. Vogue hired her to be the movement director for the Met Gala, Revlon ambassador, and she's starring in the new Cats adaptation. That's just a short list compared to the other work she's received from starring in the video.

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    @KevinMorow yeah everything @bigmac2098 said. She’s got that revlon contract, that Adidas contract, modelling agency contact, she’s moved to London to work on a100million dollar+ movie out later this year or whenever. She’s become a muse to Diplo. She’s chilling with Dua Lipa and Adwoah. Being invited to all these fashion weeks around the world.

    I don’t really know her but it seems like her career has totally transformed off the back of Lemon and the tour.

  • Shit, I didn't know that! To be fair, she deserves all that, girls got a gift!

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