Pharrell, Robin Thicke Deposition - Thicke reveals Pharrell wrote all of Blurred Lines


    I'll edit this post so I don't seem like a prick assuming things. So Robin Thicke said under oath that Pharrell wrote 100% of Blurred Lines.

    That means all sexism claims that (in my opinion) crucified Thicke's career are now going to be shifted onto Pharrell. Also this whole Gaye family lawsuit is on Pharrell now.

    Also, read that article - look how weird Pharrell comes off. He starts talking about race, white people and how they're treated in America (fuck, Pharrell, really??). He lies about being able to read music under oath and then gets called out. Then he mentions some shit about liking Gaye because "He's an Aries". WHAT?

    God damn, I hope this doesn't do any harm to P's career...

    As some of the people on this forum said though, it probably won't.

  • funny, i just read a similar article on yahoo and came out with a totally different opinion. i think its a good thing thicke gave him all the credit. it will show the public/casual fan how much of a musical genius and how generous of a person pharrell really is. after the song became a hit he could have come out and said he wrote the whole thing while trying to promote himself as his solo album was in the works. but he didn't. and essentially says he didn't because he wanted thicke to look better in the public eye.

    also, i feel that his answers were his way of protesting the lawsuit. he obviously thinks its bullshit. and as far as declining to read the notes goes, maybe he felt it would have incriminated him more or that it had nothing to add to the lawsuit.

    p's a smart dude and i tend to guess that he had a plan all along as to how he was going to handle himself in court.

  • it's all bad for robin gaddamn. the gaye family r hoping to win on technicalities. p will be just fine.

  • Man that whole "I'm not comfortable" thing was really weird.
    He purposely put himself in a bad light and gave the prosecutor cause to cast doubt on him.
    Nothing was gained by not answering the question. I'm surprised he didn't get taken apart for that...

    Oh and for the record (pun not intended) those songs definitely sound similar, it was an obvious interpolation and I think he's not being fully truthful with his story of the genesis of the track.

    Anybody know why he'd be 'forced' to give Robin a writing credit when so many musician work uncredited?

  • I didn't know P couldn't read music!

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    Thicke didn't throw him under the bus. It was an agreed statement. Pharrell also said that robin didn't write the song and that it's normal for artists to take credit for things they didn't do.

    P and Robin need to admit that they were inspired by the song. I don't know why they're making up this 'oh i lied when i said it was marvin gaye inspired' excuse. At most the family would only get like 30% of the royalties

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    mo '

    my haiku

  • Oh man. Damn it Robin.

  • this dude (thicke) is a mess

  • next article about Thicke will involve rehab

  • P said in a interview that he wrote it the whole song alone. And I remember watching it about 2 or 3 months ago.
    And yeah, I finally agree with Mavis. The song was inspired by. Pharrell interpolates shit for ages. But I think is too late for that

  • So what's the betting that Chad can read sheet music?

  • ^^Lol this but,

    Woahh, wtf? I didn't know P didn't know how to read music!?
    Thats cool

  • Meh. He'll be fine. People will still work with him. Pharrell is probably drinking tea and doing the Kermit the frog pose right now. lol

  • @superbabbz said:

    Meh. He'll be fine. People will still work with him. Pharrell is probably drinking tea and doing the Kermit the frog pose right now. lol


  • there's a lot of musicians and producers who cant read music or read it that well. not surprised that pharrell cant or decided not to in this interview. it is interesting that all of this comes out after the songs time is passed.

  • I think a lot of the artists I'm a fan of can't read music, or aren't classically trained on piano, or music theory etc.

  • seems like it....I could read music very very very slowly, so I chose not to

  • yeah.. pharrell seems to be a person who's ear trained to recognize notes, chords, etc. the actual theory part may not have ever been learned.. I mean he was a drummer.. soooo he's got to be familiar with sheet music in general.. I dono.. seems fishy

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    The craziest thing about Pharrell's deposition is the fact that the engineer revealed they had 100 different versions of Blurred Lines. whoa. I didn't know they tweaked it so much.

  • so maybe that Drumline movie with Nick Cannon is about P's life? LOL

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