albums you play every day?

  • anyone find themselves playing a certain album like every day or at least a song off of it?

    for me it's "until the quiet comes" by flylo. nearly perfect album dude no lie. i could prolly listen to "getting there" for the rest of my life


    flylo - los angeles
    doom -
    madvillain - madvillainy
    death grips - no love deep web

    and of course fly or die lol~

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  • Not daily, but A LOT

    G I R L
    True - Solange

  • this is gonna turn into favorite albums, lets just get that out the way lol.

    this is atm (1 artist per)

    Fly or Die
    Late Registration
    Traveling Without Moving
    Man on The Moon
    Love Below
    Rock and Roll Night Club

  • Admin

    Incubus - S.C.I.E.N.C.E.
    Mr. Carmack - Dimebag

  • shout out to @marques Traveling Without Moving gets a ton of plays on my iPod.

  • @matty , traveling with out moving is my shit, hell majority of there albums!!!!!

  • I fucks with all the jamiroquai
    fly or die
    G I R L
    with teeth
    Madvilliany (classic)
    Mark Ronson - Version
    Van Hunt
    Seeing Sounds stills catches me

  • @noidea90 Van Hunt is so good. 'What Can I Say' is one of my favorite songs ever

  • Bloom by Beach House or anything from Bon Iver

  • changes here and there but...

    P - OF tape
    Any Qtip (tribe)
    any NERD
    Songs In the Key of Life - stevie
    Cant help it - MJ
    chamber of reflection - mac
    strictly rockers - augustus pablo
    another world - chem bros
    ordinary joe - nujabes
    Wolf - tyler
    in rainbows -radiohead
    Rubber Soul - Beatles
    get it together - beastie boys/qtip

  • depends on the mood but..

    because the internet
    G I R L
    some form of kanye.. it can range from any of his albums
    well isn't this awkward by charles Hamilton
    nostalgia ultra
    and mainly live performances that have happened this year.. mainly bambino, outlast or P

  • Wolf
    Jelly fish mentality.
    Plastic beach
    05 Fuck Em'
    G I R L
    These are just a few.

  • Lately I have been heavy on that gambino grind

  • Staff

    How do you guys have enough time to listen to 10 albums every day? that's like 10 hours... teh fuck?

  • not every day but majority of the time. at least with my picks

  • yeah pretty much what @HorseWang said

  • @marques said:

    Rock and Roll Night Club


    @marques said:

    this is gonna turn into favorite albums, lets just get that out the way lol.

    Not necessarily tho. Veckatimest is one of my favourite albums ever, but i don't play it super often. it's too damn complex and engaging to be playing EVERY day lmao

  • @MHousel52 , yyyyeaaaaahhhh mmmmaaaaayyyynnnnneeee. That first album, nice, Hold my hand, highlights, hello goodbye... fuck! even on the jungle floor was hella clean.

  • ah I get you @axele yeah I don't listen to those in enteirety every single day but prolly at least one or two from each extremely often

  • fka twigs ep 2

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