DEADPOOL Film (2016)

  • I am very excited for the past announcement that Fox would have a Deadpool film stated to be in theaters on February 12 2016 and Ryan Reynolds is coming back to reprise his role from Wolverine Origins. All this happens thanks to the test video that I put above (which features a Neptunes song) that is awesome.

  • Never heard of this, but for sure seems cool. 2016 goddamn

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    dope ! !

  • One of my favorite marvel characters of all time

  • man! Ryan Reynold was DC's Green Lantern! Hollywood have so many black talents, and why they are using the same white guy to play these movies?
    PS: I know the diference between Marvel and DC, #justsaying

  • Come on now, it's Hollywood, you know they giving no brothas any main roles like this. You see how mufuckas freaked out when they had black Spider-man stepping on scene that was developed by childish gambino and Brian bendis.

  • If they have any excuse for using any brothers in a comic book film, it's if they make another green lantern movie.. Then someone can play John Stewart. Any there are so many other black Heroes - Spider-Man, black lightening, static, cyborg, steel, vixen. Knowing Hollywood, they'd just ending finding a light skin to play these characters

  • guys have you seen Agents of Shield??

    for 2015 Marvel is making a Luke Cage netflix series

  • @KoJo Luke Cage is getting his own Netflix show, Static is getting his own web series, Vixen is getting her own cartoon, & a Black Panther movie in 2017. Black Panther will make an appearance in the next Captain America movie next year.

  • First R rated comicbook movie, this is going to be good.


  • looking nice

  • I'm still worried about this film, its not under Marvel's studio so it has potential to be wack

  • @imleeroygreen trust b

  • @busy Its hard to when they got a bad track record with X-Men 1-3, the 2 Wolverine movies, The Fantastic Four, if Fox was smart they'd do what Sony is doing, and make a deal

  • @Neonep said:

    First R rated comicbook movie, this is going to be good.

    The Blade movies were R-Rated and that was Marvel

  • My favorite hero/villain since I never knew whether he was a hero or villain haha
    (I'm guessing hero?) anyways the trailer's dope

  • @imleeroygreen Actually X2 and the 2nd Wolverine movie are dope. I haven't heard anything good with this Fantastic Four reboot.

  • Yeah that second wolverine movie in Japan was amazing, one of my favourites of the genre these past few years. And the x-men reboots have been decent. I think this is going to be cool

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    @Neonep said:

    First R rated comicbook movie, this is going to be good.


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