Cris Cab - Loves Me Not (Dallas Austin, PJ McGinnis,Brent Paschke)

  • Don't think so. I could be wrong though.

    Speaking of which, I think it's super cool how Pharrell has a new "signature sound" that other producers are trying to mimic. And this new sound is so different the signature sound he used to be known for a decade ago.

    Listen to Shake by Taylor Swift. That song is clearly inspired by the 2013-Present Pharrell movement.

  • @Playahater agreed. i hate taylor swift and that song but whenever the beat starts playing it immediately grabs my attention like a pharrell beat would.

    totally off topic but this makes me wonder if we'll ever look back on this current period as another 'golden era' of his career like 02-05 was. personally, i don't think his current music compares. the previous music was so futuristic sounding and ahead of its time, unlike anything anyone had heard before or was getting played on the radio at the time. the current music (at least the hits) to me is just generic sounding pop with a slight twist by pharrell. for comparison's sake, the success is obviously there, but will the music be as timeless to us hardcore fans? to the casual fan, probably, but us? i guess only time will tell..

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    pappoo this era will be looked at as bland and safe compared to the neptunes work as a duo. but, oh well, at least pharrell became a megastar after all these years.

  • @pappoo said:

    t will the music be as timeless to us hardcore fans? to the casual fan, probab

    lets wait and see - impossible to pass judgment right now, predictions yes, but time will tell...

  • Yea the 1998-2005 Neptunes stuff was a lot more experimental. More "left" I guesss. The current stuff isn't experimental at all. In fact I think it's the opposite of experimental. But who says you have to be experimental to make an impact. Live drums, with quantized hi hats, live bass, rhodes and cowbell esque percussion. Occasional synth/guitar.

    It's just a sound that Pharrell owns now - and other people know it's in demand, so they mimick it.

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    Cris Cab - Loves Me Not (Dallas Austin, PJ McGinnis,Brent Paschke)

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    I freakin love that song !

  • it was good reading some of your replies. i was worried i was too caught up in the past to appreciate what was happening in the present and that i was being too biased. it makes me feel better that some of you are on the same page. i don't think this hot streak is over yet and it could potentially turn to a more experimental direction, but i'm not gonna hold my breath. i'll just enjoy where he's at right now and that he's somewhat created another signature sound that is now being imitated

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    It's funny because the neptunes helped to move the music industry away from organic sounds into something more electronic... and now pharrell has changed pop music from electronic to organic again... full circle

  • I don't think this era of pharrell will be looked at as bland at all. at the end of the day this stuff is different from what everybody else is making.. and I actually enjoy a majority of it..

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