Pharrell Williams - It Girl (Official Video) (2014)

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    Producer Takashi Murakami
    Director Mr. fantasista utamaro
    Animation Production NAZ
    Production Kaikai Kiki Co., Ltd
    © Mr./Kaikai Kiki Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

  • Staff

    DOPE DOPE DOPE a good P video again and good single choice

  • Super dope visuals. Is this confirmed to be a single or did he just drop the visuals?

  • There are probably young kids around who become a fans because of this. Now these fuckers can start listening to ISO, FOD, SS, GIRL for their first time...

    I thought I would be jealous but I realized it's much better to just have time to listen to albums by themselves than have too much to choose

  • Great song choice and the video is awesome. Kinda reminds me of one of the Japanese Neo Geo video games, cool stuff :)

  • this is amazing. i just wish the hat was gone already though lol

  • Loved the snes/anime look on this. This and the huge happy project are awesome but cant say the same about the other vids.

  • This video is so cool, colorful, and creative. I love this song too, one of my favorite joints on G I R L.

  • This is really dope visuals

  • That video is fucking amazing. Words can not explain.

  • awesome video. i'm curious as to why they would release it though? if they indeed make videos for every song i just find it odd that they're drop this one first unless more are coming in the near future

  • LOVE LOVE LOVE this video. As an avid gamer, I appreciate this A LOT.

  • This is so fucking sick!!!!!!

  • This is sowwwwwwww awesome !!!!

  • BRUH


  • i can hear the complaints
    but this is frickin sick
    love it

  • Love how they kept the outro in the video. cool clip, only I wish there was some dancing during the outro

  • That outro cool, by far my favourite track on the album and P keeps it "other" with the video, absolutely class

  • lots of hate on youtube though. in reference to the girls looking like 12. seems the anime fans don't even like it.

  • YES!! This is dope as fak!
    I agree with the girls looking young though hahah!
    I get wanting to make the it girl cute and all but having a sailor moon looking character would have looked a bit more legit

  • it would be sooooo cool if they made this into a game like that one they had on the NERD website for seeing sounds!

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