Mayer Hawthorne - Crime feat. Kendrick Lamar (Official Video) (2014)

  • Dir: Rashida Jones <3

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  • Well that was one depressing video...

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  • Staff

    Mayer has consistently boring videos. I don't understand why he does that.

  • Come on BRUH this was a standout on the album it deserves an upbeat fun video with Kendrick channeling his inner "Pac"! I'm dissapointed.

  • yeah, the two seconds of Kendrick on a mobile screen was such a horrendous cop out - this is such an awesome tune and deserves better - but as fantastic a singer as he is, he just doesn't look 'cool' in any video I've seen, from this album at least. Its how I'd imagine I would look if I tried to make a music video looool

  • Staff

    hahaha doug

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