Childish Gambino - STN MTN/Kauai (Mixtape) (2014)

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    New Childish Gambino mixtape. I am listening to it right now and it's good, I just wish he had done a full cover of U Don't Have To Called.

    1. Dream / Southern Hospitality / Partna Dem

    2. Fucks Given (prod. by Nick Banga)

    3. No Small Talk ft. Kari Faux (prod. Black Party and Kari Faux)

    4. Money Baby

    5. Move That Dope / Nextel Chirp / Let Your Hair Blow ft. Young Scooter (prod. Zaytoven)

    6. AssShots remix ft. R O Y A L T Y (prod. Big Soj)

    7. Childish Gambino @ The Atrium

    8. U Don't Have to Call (prod. Ludwig)

    9. Candler Road (1st half prod. Tim Suby / 2nd half prod. Childish Gambino)

    10. All Yall

    11. Go DJ

  • Kauai is out as well. And shit's fuego imo. Shout out to pluspremieres

  • Man, Stn Mtn really takes me back to that mid 00s southern shit, shit sounds like home

  • don't really care for childish gambino like that but im glad that he made me remember this song

  • DOPE project. Peep that christian rich produced track the palisades for an early 2000's sounding nep vibe. So fucking dope. Gambino is evolving into a nice singer

  • DUDE!!!! That Palisades song from childish is so dope. It samples Marcos Valle's "Parabens"!!! Peep that too!

  • @SonicNERD I'm HIP! I knew those chords sounded familiar. Christian Rich produced it. On one of their sound Spotify playlists there were a whole bunch of songs from Marcos Valle's, and "Parabens" was one of them.

  • SICK! Marcos Valle is one of may fav artists ever!

  • paraben, nao tem nada nao, and that song from the hotel commercial is the best ive heard by him. hes got a great sound

  • wow, I'd missed that you don't have to call cover - pretty good!!!!

  • I think this might be my favourite project from Donald so far.

  • I can't believe I missed the fact that the WHOLE of Palisades is sampled from Parabens. I initially thought just that guitar at the end, then realised, the whole melody!! The way they chopped it up is incredible. The melody is so dope, the sound took me back to those early '00s 'tunes productions. Is this a well known song? I love the record, but I only knew of it from a thread on here. So are Christian Rich on here? If not they have an amazing depth of musical knowledge/taste

    Edit: Just saw the note above about their spottily, I need to check that out

  • According to rap genius Kelis did the background vocals on U don't have to call

  • On the original, yeah.

  • @mikitoramirez really? I didn't know that. Thanks. I really find fascinating learning about the story of tracks

  • I actually never knew Kelis did the background vocals on U Don't Have To Call. I know it came out around the same time as Wanderland came out. But The Palisades is one of my favorite song. Reminds me of Vanessa Marquez - Friends Are, and I didn't know it sampled anything as well.

  • If it aint about the money, then it aint up for discussion

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