Neptunes bhangra mixes from the early '00s

  • I was a huge fan of bhangra music back in the day, and loved this period where some of the biggest bhangra producers were doing mashups with hip-hop/R&B records at the time. & of course, this was when the Neptunes where at their most prolific. Not sure if people have heard these before. See what you think...

    Anyone have any others? The dopest one I ever heard sampled Busta's What it Is - but I can't find it anywhere...

  • This is pretty cool.

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  • Uploading some old CDRs the other day I stumbled by chance on the track (with the Busta instrumental) I was looking for a few years back...

    Always thought this was 🔥🔥🔥

  • WOWWWW these all take me back to all the wedding receptions I'd attend as a teenager.

    Bhangra music isn't really my thing, but I gotta appreciate the vibe it creates.

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