Francesco Yates x Pharrell update

  • We can kind of hear it in your voice — that soulful sound. You collaborated with Pharrell on his album, and now he collaborated with you on yours. How did that happen?

    Well, we first met at seemingly kind of a family reunion — with me not actually being in the family. My A&R went to him independently … just wanting to show Pharrell the artist he was working on. But then we found out because Leila Bell was a protege of Pharrell, and Leila Bell is also under the same management as me. It was crazy. When we met, it was like, all the people knew each other. We sat there the first day, we kind of got to know each other. He gets inside your head. He got inside my head, figured out what we were going to do. We talked about Led Zeppelin, and then the first song came out, which is ‘Change the Channel.’

    Did he offer you any advice?

    To never question your initial instincts musically. You have to go with what first came. Because as soon you start putting that negative energy out there, it can ruin the music. He’s a good advocate for 100% authenticity, to just be oneself. That’s what he championed.

    How did you guys bring that vibe into the song you worked on together?

    We were talking about Led Zeppelin, and Led Zeppelin and pop artists clearly don’t go together. [But] he slanted it in such a way that seemed to make it work. He stood up for me playing electric guitar. Normally I don’t play electric guitar. Now it’s in my show — I play electric guitar in my show, whereas before I didn’t

    What was the process of narrowing down that uniform sound?

    I so much like the current stuff that’s going on right now, like a lot of Drake‘s stuff and 40s production. But I also like the music of the past. We wanted to find a way to make it both come together, and through the union of [mine and Pharrell's] minds I hope we achieved it.

  • I believe this is one of the tracks

  • Staff

    @sandow This is the guy from "gust of wind" right? I like the hook on that track... the rest sounds similar to T.H.E.H.I.V.E.S.

    I wonder if Leila Bell means Leah Labelle?

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    I love this guy's fro. Fluffy fros ftw.

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