Does Pharrell Ghost Produce and Ghost Write?

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    There's an interview he did recently with Radio One... when speaking about what would happen if he made a bad song with One Direction he kind of hinted that he would go uncredited if he didn't like the result.

    that made me think, do you reckon he's done that before?

  • I don't know but there's a lot of bad songs that he's credited for where maybe he shouldn't have taken credit

  • this is a very interesting concept, but i tend to think this hasn't happened. even if a song is trash the artist or label execs would probably want to add pharrell's name to the credits in order to draw extra attention to the song/album in order to get some extra sales.

    i suppose if he had an idea, gave it to an artist, and they tweaked/changed it to the point where it no longer sounded like his original idea, then this could have happened. but at that point, would it even be considered a pharrell song anymore?

  • I personally think Pharrell's ego is too big to go uncredited (even with his new humble facade), he's not the Neptune you should be asking the ghost producing question about.

  • Is there one single reason Pharrell and One Direction should work together other than 'hey they're popular, he is too. they should work together!' seems like a terrible idea...

  • Metatron

  • Early on in his career, I'm sure he did a lot of stuff that went uncredited.

  • I thought early on in his career he did a lot of ghost production with Puffy. Wouldn't be surprised if you look back at Puff's stuff from mid-late 90s, and saw a lot of ghost production from Neptunes.

  • Is Pharell actually gonna work with one direction?

  • @Andre_1975 Partners For Life is the best response for that one.

  • @Neonep how?

  • @Rafito I bought Press Play and on the back of the album on the tracklist the song only says Feat. Jamie Foxx when Pharrell clearly sang on the hook.

  • Ghostwriting/producing means no P. Williams writing credit, no Produced by PW or The Neps, these were still in the credits tho.

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    @Neonep Pharrell doesn't get credit for 70% of his vocal features. That's intentional, he doesn't want to take away from the artists work.

    Not the same thing as ghost writing though.

  • @Mavis All I was replying to was the comment about Pharrell's ego being to big to go uncredited with that simple example.I wasn't talking about anything else.

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