Do you remember when The Neptunes suddenly changed?

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    This is kinda irrelevant but does anyone remember when The Neptunes had that really sudden and drastic change in production quality?

    Like, they'd been on top of the world for 7 years and Drop it and Hollaback girl had just been out then they disappeared and re-appeared again (just P) with that lo-fi sound with "I'm a G", "Touch" and "Don't Stop" with less analog shit and no left-field sounds, no hard drums, no little details and stuff... and i guess that kind of style is still going now for them/P.

    That fucked me up for a few years. I don't really know what my point is here... just looking back it seems weird how suddenly things changed.

  • yeah, it fucked me up too. i couldn't understand how they (p) could accept the 'new' sound when the old sound was so rich. i felt that the talent was still there and i was just waiting for them to 'flip a switch' and start making some hi-fi shit again.

    but now i just accept it. i never really accepted it until about a year or 2 ago though. i felt like i had to make a choice: either hate their new sound while holding onto and spinning their classic shit forever, or let the classic stuff go a bit and embrace the suck. lol that's putting it harshly but u get the point

  • first ASR-10

    then LOGIC.

    = flatter sound

    Like them all.Mobb Deep, Q-tip. They all switched equipment.
    The last man standing is Timbaland, and one hears it.

    Plus the influence (heavy) of Stevie Wonder and Earth Wind & fire and recently Donald Fagen and Steely Dan.Which was good, since it showed a refined musical understanding of P.

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    Tray i think you may have misinterpreted my point

    @pappoo yeah i know what you mean, you could feel that the talent was still there and there was still a signature 'feel' and some imagination to the songs but it was like they didn't care about finishing songs all of a sudden... like... "fuck this we've made tons of money, now let's take it easy"

  • @Mavis i definitely think chad's lack of participation had something to do with the sound change. u just need to text him already and be like, "dude, u need to get back with pharrell." lol

    i mean, he's free to do as he pleases. but if u really think about it, without the neptunes, would he have had the opportunity to work on some of the projects he's done solo? ie: ashlee simpson album, pacquiao movie, etc. maybe he was even bored with some of those projects too, who knows. and i'm not saying he owes anyone anything and i guess he can be respected for trying to make his own name and not live off the neptunes legacy, but for him to just abandon the thing that essentially made his name known in the industry is just.. i don't know. maybe things will change down the road but to me pharrell's current run at the top is missing something without chad. it kind of boggles my mind thinking how good this current run would be if chad was still actively making music with him.

    but let me stop ranting cuz i could go on forever about this topic..

  • @Mavis yeah, I do. It hurt me a lot as a fan. I used to be wowed by The Neptunes. Every time I would read about new collaborations, I would get excited. And then everything started to sound so plain. Even when I liked something, I didn't experience the pure joy that I used to have anymore. Listening to In My Mind, when it came out, felt weird too.

  • I always want them to get back to that feel. Even though I know music is going to always evolve, and we may not be on board for the stage at hand.. I dunno, I can still 'feel' the presence of the older beat styles. If that makes sense. Like even though the beats aren't as satisfying as they were in the past.. I still get those 'I knew he was gonna make that change there" type moments. Sometimes. GIRL definitely was a breath of fresh air, though.

  • This Steely Dan song is awesome. Thanks @Tray-Loader

  • 2005 was the year everything changed. A lot of the dope stuff we heard in 2005 was made in 2004.

    But yea whenever I think of Neptunes career I think 2000-2004 as their prime in terms of quality. Then 2005-now.

  • i might be an idiot but i could swear the holllaback girl and touch and dont stop was all around the same time, and touch is a great song, idk y yall complaining to be honest, 05-07 was beast still

  • Yeah there was a change but I notice it more around the 2007 period

  • To be honest the first time I really remember noticing a change was 2005, and if I'm really honest I think it was 'can I have it like that'. I got into it, because at the time preceding it I was just crazy about everything Neptunes, but it was a struggle, like, it didn't grab me immediately like things had before, it had a different feel to it somehow. Actually there was a phase before that, with the Beans record and even the Mariah Carey stuff that wasn't that great (although I listened to say something a lot recently and I really slept on that). But then again, I absolutely loved Twista records later that year (Lavish etc.), that really took me back to the gems on the Bow Wow album a couple of years earlier. But definitely around that time. In my mind was probably the first full project I felt that kind of way. But there's been so much dope music since, so many phases that I've loved, I've got no complaints. Who knows guys, if they were still making near identically styled beats all this time, don't you think we'd be bored by now? I mean, I listen to some of that stuff from '00 - '01 and MAN is there a lot of stuff in there that sounds almost identical to the rest, easy stuff to skip on a playlist. I could talk about this for hours lol

  • Yea 2005/2006 had all those light, piano beats. 2005-2007 was these guys' identity crisis. The stuff they'd been making wasn't what the "public" wanted so they just reclused and made album filler shit. Making bangers and singles weren't their specialty anymore. Especially since Timbo came back super hard during that time. This was the time where Neptunes wouldn't make cuts and ANY album. And if they did, it'd be some mellow song towards the end of the album.

    2008 they came back pretty hard. With an attempt to make hits. They made a lot of blatant attempts at radio hits at that time. (Madonna, Common, Seeing Sounds). Didn't pan out like they wanted. There was a MASSIVE change between 2007 and 2008. Buckets and Chad are probably what made 2008 so great.

    2009 - Similar to 2008. Trying to become relevant in terms of public appeal. (Shakira, Hot N Fun, Hypnotize You.

    2010-2012 - Organic, laid back "granola beat" era.

    2013-2014 - Disco- funk era.

  • I want to go listen to "Don't Stop" now. I remember I had that on my PSP, with a handful of samurai champloo tracks. Good ol days.

  • @matic_touch explain yourself, how you sound like me ? The motherfucking Skateboard P

  • @superjdoug I loved say something and the beenie track, I did hate pharrells piano songs but the neptunes shit was dope still even though they sounded like "neptunes light"
    can i have it like that definitely took some adjusting as well as im a g
    but listening to can i have it like that i love it. Its a well composed beat,

  • @Playahater yeah I agree with you, I know I was excited when I saw the photo's of NER*D back in the studio during the Seeing Sound sessions around '07/'08, I was hoping to hear that full sound again, but looking back at those pictures it felt like their weren't giving their 100%. P was doing a lot of modeling and tried to involve both Chad and Shae but you can tell they didn't really enjoyed that life. It wasn't the same Neptunes feeling as in 2000-2004. Although you can hear Chad helped P out during that time with JayZ/Blue Magic , Hard Candy, Universal Mind Control (I think Chad did a lot on that one). The fuller sound came back but it wasn't the same. A good example is that leaked Madonna tune 'The Beat is So Crazy'. Definitely Pharrell solo material without the hard drums and fuller sound.

    dsc01925.jpg dsc01255.jpg

  • i love all neptunes productions equally

  • Lol you guys need to let it go. People always latch on to old shit an never want change. They dropped just as much half assed shit back then as they do now, but back then they were new to us, so they could do no wrong. Now since we're use to all the good shit they've done in their history we're spoiled and demand perfect from them every single time. It's like being a fan of the Yankees and Lakers lol.

  • I'm with you, Jesse. I think you and I will forever be the only fans who will always fully enjoy the Neptunes no matter what they do lol.

  • lol skletch and its not even like I'm saying that to sound cool but its been like years since I've actually been disappointed with a neptunes track. and now that i think about it I don't think I've ever been disappointed with one. the way i look at it, is in order for one of their tracks to reach the public, it had to make pharrell feel good enough about it in the studio. and also its like every beat is its own emotional picture portrayed in music. and most of those situations i swear its like i say, wow pharrell and chad, I've felt this exact beat, or this exact emotion before. and thats why i like each track so much.

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