Kelis - Outro (After Little Suzy) vs. N.E.R.D - Intro (In Search Of...)

  • I posted this a few years ago when I used to be on these forums. I've taken years off to enjoy all of these Neptunes tracks I have on my hard drive (I have about 10 Neptunes mixes of CD's alone in my car) but I never got a good answer for this one.

    Kelis - Outro: One of my favorite songs off Wanderland. It fit the whole Star Trak theme at the time, and the Synthesizers in the song were hypnotic. Also that little shout out to Nigo.

    N.E.R.D. - Intro: The perfect intro to an album. It gave the Neptunes sound, with a new twist to it.

    Both of them are extremely short, but which ones do you prefer and why?

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    oh damn dude...

    you cant ask a question like that though, but seriously now... Not Long Ago... its just 15 years back from now, there was that time where you only had Nampster to get your mp3's downloaded and after that came Kazaa... I mean that Kelis outro is fuckken fenomenal and had it on many Compact Discs Ive always burned, that tune had to be there, I had to loop that shyt for my MP3 player and even had sex to it, and that NER*D Intro is a keeper forsure but not better than the Kelis Outro.. ye I said it .. come at me bro..

    Kelis - Outro (Wanderland) (01')

    N¤E¤R¤D - Intro (In Search Of... ) (01').mp3

  • Ooooow definitely Kelis' outro! That shit can be played at my funeral man. Never had so many goosebumps ever in my life

  • kelis wanderland outro for sure
    the iso intro is cool, but wanderland has memories attached
    i gotta have sex to it, thats gotta be amazing

  • I was obsessed with that kelis outro before I joined the forum as op says it gave me such a feeling about the Neptunes it is hard to put in words. Was such a good feeling when I joined here and found others who had been affected the same way. As you guys say, it summarises everything about the Neptunes

  • Man I'm listening to it now and the memories of discovering the Neptunes are flooding back. I'll never feel that way about new music ever again. I don't know if it was just a stage in my life (I was a teenager just becoming an adult) or because it was so dope and different or maybe both. As Mika said it was so hard to get music back then no YouTube just kazaa and lime wire. Remember first hearing 'daddy' realising it was that same dope sound as other songs I had heard, realised it was all made by Neptunes, struggled to find the album. Finally found and downloaded wanderland and then the cherry was that outro.

    Went off on one just now I know, but the feels were strong Lol

  • Kelis outro got me feeling like a pack of Ice Cream running dogs are pulling me on a chariot through the skies. That shit is why we're here, in its purest form.

  • This conversation makes me wonder what a poll for everyone's favorite neptunes songs to play to set the mood would look like.

    Wanderland outro is so creative and cool, the Empire Strikes Back reference is awesome. I really can't choose definitively but I'd give the edge to Wanderland because I'm biased to Star Wars. But that In Search of... intro is super fresh. This topic also made me think of The Clones Intro beat, so good.

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    Kelis outro wins... it's not the best track on that album though.

  • Clones intro is dope too. Wernt someone from here saying that was the original of a britney song (slave 4 u) hence why you can hear her whisper right at the end

  • def the kelis outro man...i remember buying both albums when they came out back in 1999/2000 the memories man.... wow

  • Kelis outro >

    actually like Clones intro wayyy more than ISO intro. i remember being like 12 trying to make a homework edit on cool edit pro lmao

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