Fefe Dobson - In The Kissah (The Neptunes) (06')

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    Back in 2005, I was reading on Br**ent Paschke’s Myspace Page **that he was working with the Canadian songwriter and recording artist **Fefe Dobson **on her second studio album, where he commented that he did the guitar on one of **Chad and Pharrell’s **production for Fefe Dobson. So, **3 **years later, her album ‘Sunday Love’ leaked on the net without any information whether **The Neptunes **track made the cut or not, so I had to check it out myself to see if the tune made the cut.

    Originally slated for release in 2005, the release date was pushed back a number of times by Island Records before its eventual cancellation. After checkin’ the album out, I thought the whole time, that **The Neptunes **track from the album was always ‘If I Was A Guy’. Thanks to **Forum Member ****Skletch **and **Seven Years **of waiting, **Fefe Dobson’s **album ‘Sunday Love’ officialy released digitally on the **iTunes Store **on December 18, 2012 with some new tunes which has **The Neptunes **track that **Brent Paschke **and **The Neptunes **worked on, , which is called ‘In The Kissah’, you can check it out below.

    Fefe Dobson - In The Kissah (06')

  • Loving it! Thanks for confirming, Mike!

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    @Skletch Nah thanks to you for letting me know Fam !

  • mann this reminds me how much I love the Neptunes alt-rock productions. Y'all hear that synth lead mann it sounds so good with the guitar. Love the energy in this song. THANK YOU fam! @Skletch

  • Woah nice, thanks a lot!

    So to confirm 'If I Was a Guy' has nothing to do with the Neptunes, right?

  • @3000 "If I Was a Guy" is produced by Matthew Wilder

  • i love it! nice way to throw it back to those days.

  • How exactly do we know this is the tune? I could never guess it by listening. Any credits available? Can't even find the album on itunes germany.

  • I always liked this chick! Nice find.

  • Man this is sick! I loved when the neptunes produced rock records. Always sound like sonic adventure songs lol

  • @G

    breh, this shit has NEPTUNES written all over it, the melody, the vocal arrangments, the lead synth, great vibe

    thanks for posting it fam !

  • @Mika Thank you! fucking awesome track.

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    I don't like it, and it's from 2003.

  • @W4v35 dude, if you didn't know...you would't know. This is different from all Neptunes rock productions I heard so far. Lol @ melody.

  • thanks guys, woot!

  • Yeah, if we all heard a Neptunes rock track right now and we weren't told it was produced by them, I doubt we would know. Their rock tracks don't have giveaways like the repeat intro on their hip hop tracks and such.

  • As soon as I saw it was produced by them and heard it, I was able to hear their sound though. Not like If I Was a Guy. I was refused to believe that was Neptunes lol. Always hated that track and I never hate Neptunes tracks. That's the reason I kept digging for more info on them working with this chick.

  • great song.Wrong voice.This needs Pharrell or even an Usher.

  • this music sounds like it could've been made around the same time as the NERD - Seeing Sounds album

  • Listen to "Happy" from Seeing Sounds then listen to this song

  • That hook and bridge >>

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