DJ Mustard

  • This dude is on almost every other rap record. "Mustard on tha beat, ho!" I think the other day i heard 2 or 3 of his music back to back on the radio in one setting. As a producer, he fascinates me. He only uses a few of the same notes/motifs and bass walk downs..and every song is bumpin. He's really grown on me as a producer.

    I just wonder what yall think of him as an artist/producer.

  • His work on YG's album I can't hate on at all, its seriously some great work, real polished, real thought out, varied, just all around solid.

    His other shit is laughable because people pay all that money for the same beat over and over, like that these for example:

    Thats the same fucking song, and he probably charged both of them crazy money for that shit. I Dont know if you ever seen the video where he shows the original sanctified beat but oh my god its so bad

    KAnye turned this @ 1:25

    into this

    basically all your paying for is MUSTARD ON THE BEAT HO

  • Kid Ink and Chris Brown - Show Me sounds identical to the 2 songs linked in the original post.

    That being said let's not pretend Neptunes don't have their fair share of similar sounding songs :(

  • Staff

    ^True but at least the neptunes were innovative

  • absolutely uncomparable!!

  • i can't hate on the dude. gotta give him credit for making a sound, having it catch on, and then just running with it. yeah most of his beats sound the same but his sound is what's popular right now there's no denying that. i kinda think deep down inside he's gotta know that its not gonna stick around forever and i think he's just pimping the shit out of it til the industry moves on to a new sound. will all his hits today be as timeless as the neptunes hits of 10 years ago? i highly doubt it. but when it comes to new music to bump in order to stay current with the music scene, i really don't mind his stuff.

  • Almost every song he produces sounds like it was made for 2 short. But like others have said If ppl actually want to hear this shit I can't be mad at him continuing to make it.

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    are yall freakin serious, I mean that dude is fukken annoying as hell can't stand his sound for like 3 seconds, thats how long took me took me to check out that album he did absolutely horrible, the worst of all producers

  • Dude is fuckin garbage and probably worst producer of all time.

  • He seems like a good guy, he has done well.

  • i respect mike will, london, and hit boy right now, those three are killing the game

  • Him, Metro & London are my favorite producers right now

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