Beyoncé - Blow feat. Pharrell (Remix) (14')

  • im here for 7/11 video and beyonce making them cheeks move and just all of it

  • I think this would have sounded so much better without pharrell going all MJ and just kept it simple with his 2002 voice..

  • yoooo i fucking really love the cadence of pharrells voice, the riffs hes hitting are so fucking good got damn. the scattered "door" is 16/10 i love it, i wish we just had a pharrell version. GIRL was missing some shit like this, closest we got was the bridge on Come Get It Bae

  • @BabyMilo Yeah, this would have been a perfect song for GIRL and yeah, that bridge on Come Get It Bae is fuckin beautiful.

  • @BabyMilo and Brand New - those were proper P notes on the hook and the bridge too

    I really hoped this would be a proper remix like 'punch drunk love - bootyshake remix' where lyrics or vocals where the same but the instrumental differs somehow and with P singing even if it was for 30 seconds. That would have made my 2014

  • yeah, even tho brand new is my least favorite song on that album, it does have those proper P notes.

  • @KoJo MAN! I never understand why people wasnt fucking with Brand New! Those vocals! THOSE FUCKING VOCALS ARE MARVELOUS! That last bridge is eargasms

  • Im the milk man, at your doooor

    and his singing ad-libs are nice on here

  • @Rafito There are a lot of Brand New fans here too buddy don't worry! :)

  • @flowjy lol ok! Now I can die in peace

  • @Rafito Brand New is my favorite track of GIRL

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