2014 Nept.....err Pharrell and Chad productions.

  • Whats up everyone, real OG OG here. Grandfather OG at this point....from the days of mika, melladon, reflex, pimpnerd, nos...and all you others that made topics like THE CLONES HAVE ARRIVED in efnet. I have been traveling and working all year, but i always am reading and enjoying what you all post on here. This site is still the clutchest ever.

    Can anyone upload the 2014 productions. I have yet to procure most of them, but have got a chance to hear most of them. The year is winding down, so i figured ill be the ASS that asks for it.

    Have a great one guys, keep up the amazing work. SETS UP!!!!

    (My dumbass posted this in announcements, dont type these things half awake)

  • Admin

    Hi Mat, its good to hear from you, hope all is well, this is for you, next time just email me and you'll get whatever you want!

    The Neptunes Newest Shit
    Alicia Keys - It's On Again (Without Rap) (14').mp3
    Alicia Keys - It's On Again feat. Kendrick Lamar (14').mp3
    Alicia Keys - It's On Again feat. Kendrick Lamar (Radio Edit) (14').mp3
    Aloe Blacc - Love Is The Answer (Director's Cut) (14').mp3
    Alvin Risk - Electro (Remix) (14').m4a
    Azealia Banks - ATM Jam feat. Pharrell (Demo) (13').mp3
    Azealia Banks - Old Ocean (Interlude) (13').mp3
    Beyoncé - Blow feat. Pharrell & Timbaland (Remix) (14').m4a
    Bia - Around The World (Snippet) (14').mp3
    Bia - Chain Swang feat Pharrell & Fam-Lay (14').mp3
    Bia - Medusa (Snippet) (14').mp3
    Bia - No Apology (14').mp3
    Bia - Spend It (DJ Freakiii Edit) (14').mp3
    Buddy - Alright (14').mp3
    Buddy - As Far As They Know feat. Pharrell (14').mp3
    Buddy - Inspired (14').mp3
    Buddy - Next Time I See You feat. Casey Veggies (14').mp3
    Buddy - Smoke Signals feat. Miley Cyrus (14').mp3
    Buddy - Staircases feat. Kendrick Lamar (14').mp3
    Charles Hamilton - Hyperspeed (08').mp3
    Cris Cab - Good Girls (14').m4a
    Cris Cab - Liar Liar (14').m4a
    Crowded House - Don't Dream It's Over (MSSL CMMND Remix) (14').mp3
    Czarina Russell - Within The Web (First Day Jam) (14').m4a
    Daichi Miura - Chocolate (13').mp3
    Denitia & Sene - The Nude (MSSL CMMND Remix) (14’).mp3
    DJ Qbert - Ascender (Music From The 5D Land Of Agartha) feat. Chad Hugo & Tipsy (14').mp3
    Ed Sheeran - Runaway (14').mp3
    Ed Sheeran - Sing (14').mp3
    Eve - The Beat Is So Crazy feat. Pharrell & Madonna (07’).mp3
    Fabolous - Alright (Snippet) (14').mp3
    Fefe Dobson - In The Kissah (06').mp3
    Fleetwood Mac - Rhiannon (MSSL CMMND Remix) (14').mp3
    Fugitive 9 - Rituals (13').mp3
    Future - Move That Dope feat. Pharrell, Pusha T. & Casino (14').mp3
    Graë - Handle That (14').mp3
    GrandeMarshall - Not Be Stopped (Snippet) (14').mp3
    Graph Gonzales - Heart Breake Spiritus (Chad Hugo Remix) (14').mp3
    Graph Gonzales - Heartbreaker (14').mp3
    Gwen Stefani - Spark The Fire (14').mp3
    Hans Zimmer & The Magnificent Six - Cold War (14').m4a
    Hans Zimmer & The Magnificent Six - Ground Rules (14').m4a
    Hans Zimmer & The Magnificent Six - Harry's Suite (14').m4a
    Hans Zimmer & The Magnificent Six - I Chose You (14').m4a
    Hans Zimmer & The Magnificent Six - I Need To Know (14').m4a
    Hans Zimmer & The Magnificent Six - I'm Electro (14').m4a
    Hans Zimmer & The Magnificent Six - I'm Goblin (14').m4a
    Hans Zimmer & The Magnificent Six - I'm Moving To England (14').m4a
    Hans Zimmer & The Magnificent Six - I'm Spider-Man (14').m4a
    Hans Zimmer & The Magnificent Six - Let Her Go (14').m4a
    Hans Zimmer & The Magnificent Six - Look At Me (14').m4a
    Hans Zimmer & The Magnificent Six - My Enemy (14').m4a
    Hans Zimmer & The Magnificent Six - No Place Like Home (14').m4a
    Hans Zimmer & The Magnificent Six - So Much Anger (14').m4a
    Hans Zimmer & The Magnificent Six - Special Project (14').m4a
    Hans Zimmer & The Magnificent Six - Still Crazy (14').m4a
    Hans Zimmer & The Magnificent Six - Sum Total (14').m4a
    Hans Zimmer & The Magnificent Six - The Electro Suite (14').m4a
    Hans Zimmer & The Magnificent Six - The Rest Of My Life (14').m4a
    Hans Zimmer & The Magnificent Six - There He Is (14').m4a
    Hans Zimmer & The Magnificent Six - We're Best Friends (14').m4a
    Hans Zimmer & The Magnificent Six - You Need Me (14').m4a
    Hans Zimmer & The Magnificent Six - You're My Boy (14').m4a
    Hans Zimmer & The Magnificent Six - You're That Spider Guy (14').m4a
    Hatsune Miku - Last Night, Good Night (Re-Dialed) (Pharrell Williams Remix) (14').mp3
    Jennifer Hudson - He Ain't Goin Nowhere feat. Iggy Azalea (14').mp3
    Jennifer Hudson - I Can't Describe (The Way I Feel) feat. T.I. (14').mp3
    Jennifer Hudson - Just That Type Of Girl (14').m4a
    Jennifer Hudson - Never Give It Up (14').m4a
    Jetta - Crescendo (14').mp3
    Kap G - Cocaina Shawty feat. Fabolous (14').mp3
    Kelis - The Spot (01').mp3
    Kid Sister - Higher feat. Dâm-Funk (14').mp3
    Kylie Minogue - I Was Gonna Cancel (14').mp3
    Little Dragon - Killing Me (Chad Hugo Remix) (14').mp3
    LIZ - That's My Man (14').m4a
    Major Lazer - Aerosol Can feat. Pharrell (14').mp3
    Mary J. Blige - See That Boy Again feat. Pharrell (14').mp3
    Maxine Ashley - Guerrilla (14').mp3
    Mike Einziger & Ann Marie Simpson - Til Everyone Can See feat. Pharrell, Travis Barker & Hans Zimmer (14').mp3
    Mike Posner - Untitled (12').mp3
    MSSL CMMND - Bamboo (14').mp3
    MSSL CMMND - Need Not Wonder (14').mp3
    P. Diddy - Untitled (September 8th) feat. Pharrell (Snippet) (14').mp3
    Paloma Faith - Can't Rely On You feat. Pharrell (14').mp3
    Passenger - Let Her Go (MSSL CMMND Remix) (14').mp3
    Pharrell Williams - Brand New feat. Justin Timberlake (14').mp3
    Pharrell Williams - CC The World feat. Cara Delevingne (Snippet) (14').mp3
    Pharrell Williams - Come Get It Bae feat. Miley Cyrus (14').mp3
    Pharrell Williams - Freq feat. Leah LaBelle & JoJo (14').mp3
    Pharrell Williams - Gush (14').mp3
    Pharrell Williams - Gust Of Wind feat. Daft Punk (14').mp3
    Pharrell Williams - Here (14').m4a
    Pharrell Williams - Hunter (14').mp3
    Pharrell Williams - Intro (G I R L) (14').mp3
    Pharrell Williams - It Girl (14').mp3
    Pharrell Williams - Know Who You Are feat. Alicia Keys (14').mp3
    Pharrell Williams - Lost Queen (14').mp3
    Pharrell Williams - Marilyn Monroe (14').mp3
    Pharrell Williams - Smile (14').m4a
    Pharrell Williams - UNIQLO (14').mp3
    Pharrell Williams & Brad Paisley - Here Comes The Sun (Grammy Salute The Beatles) (14').mp3
    Red Velvet - Happiness (14').mp3
    Sage The Gemini - Gas Pedal feat. IAmSu! (MSSL CMMND Remix) (14').mp3
    Sam Smith - Stay With Me (MSSL CMMND Remix) (14').mp3
    ScHoolboy Q - Los Awesome feat. Jay Rock (14').mp3
    Snoop Dogg - Milk & Honey (Snippet) (14').mp3
    Snoop Dogg - Untitled (August 30th) feat. Pharrell (Snippet) (14').mp3
    SpyMob - Sometimes It Doesn't Feel Right (MSSL CMMND & Keebz Remix) (14').mp3
    St. Vincent - Digital Witness (Chad Hugo Remix) (14').m4a
    T.I. - G' Shit feat. Jeezy & WatchTheDuck (14').m4a
    T.I. - Light 'Em Up (RIP Doe B) feat. Pharrell & WatchTheDuck (14').m4a
    T.I. - Oh Yeah feat. Pharrell (14').m4a
    T.I. - Paperwork feat. Pharrell (14').m4a
    T.I. - Trap Nigga Hustle (14').mp3
    The Madden Brothers - California Rain (14').mp3
    The Madden Brothers - Good Gracious Abbey (14').m4a
    Usher - Kickin' It (Snippet) (14').mp3
    Usher - She Came To Give It To You (No Rap) (14').mp3
    Usher - She Came To Give It To You feat. Nicki Minaj (14').m4a

    **Files: 120 **Total Size: 841.16MB

  • mika is craaaaazy on top of things lol

  • Mika, always the best to hear from you....and happy you are still doing your thing on the forum (Does the Pharrell bow) ...appreciate your help with this!!!! I'll email you next time, but keep in touch.

  • Hey Guys... I'm not sure if anyone still has the 2013 upload? I tried to get it last year but it was in a format i couldn't unzip on a Mac. If anyone happens to have it in a .zip or .rar format that would be much appreciated.

  • Lurking on the forum almost everyday. Mika you're a beast.

  • That's a loot of productions - I've had a running playlist I've been accumulating them. Its almost time to start posting favourites for the year - I've got a top 10 ready

  • damn, when the fuck did you do this? and I just asked for a productions list. This should do it. Good work, bruuhhh

  • Staff

    Hi, i just noticed that a track is missing from this list

    Mansions On The Moon - Forgot Who I Am [In The Rain] (Chad Hugo)

    Just want to make sure this gets recorded as it kind of flew under the radar...

    Also there's that shitty Lee Harvey x Chad EP/Mix thing... can't think of any P stuff that got missed.

  • Admin

    Yeh Ive updated that one, and the Lee Harvey Project is in my Acid folder, cuz I have to separate the tunes !

  • Staff

    Cool I'll send u the full version of the Lee harvey thing. I think the one I have is different?

  • wait what lee harvey project with chad

  • Admin

    @Mavis do that pls !

  • Staff

    Here you go man, sorry it took so long.

    So here's the full 20 minute EP.
    I know Chad helped Lee make the whole thing but i don't think he produced anything except maybe towards the end. And a different version of MSSL CMMND sunshine on there

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/t96tmc4bsk89gig/A Lost Lee Harvey MP3E.P..mp3?dl=0

  • Admin

    @Mavis thanks gotta cut them tunes later !

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