What Ants Teach Us About The Brain, Cancer & The Internet

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    Pretty Interresting.

  • amazing!

  • that TED channel is getting a lot of shit for not being very scientific in their lectures, so i dont really know how much empiricism went into these theories

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    @MortenMars My problem with TED is that it can be a huge circle jerk of novel ideas, but offer very little practical solutions to any of the problems they do discuss. Lots of talks are very technocratic and positive but they don't speak about the tradeoffs of such solutions. This is misleading and dangerous. From my own works, I deal with machine intelligence and A.I and there's a massive elephant in the room about the ethics of creating an A.I. How do you keep it ethical? And what are the implications of creating something that can far out advance us quicker than we can adapt? These are very tough questions that no one really has an answer to, but computer scientists are still treading on getting closer to creating power A.I's (I too am guilty of this). This will be one of the greatest problems we will face I think. But as one of my professors said, "If you engineer a train you also engineer a train wreck" I try to keep that in mind when doing anything.

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