Meet The Baes: The Documentary (2014)

  • Pharrell Williams invites you to "Meet The Baes," a series that gives you an introduction to the dancers and singers who perform alongside Pharrell on stage.

    Christina Chandler

    Dancer Christina Chandler is like a ray of sunshine when she moves.

    Rhea Dummett

    Rhea Dummett isn't just a singer who supports Pharrell Williams. She also has a key role in the beloved, worldwide hit, "Happy" and has contributed vocals to many of Pharrell's productions.

    Aye Hasegawa

    Find out why Pharrell Williams was so determined to have Japanese dancer Aye Hasegawa join his crew of dancers.

    Latrelle “Munchie” Simmons

    Singer Latrelle "Munchie" Simmons has been working with Pharrell since the beginning of his career. She's performed with many iconic artists including Beyoncé and Stevie Wonder.

    Khadija Shari

    Khadija Shari is not only one of Pharrell Williams' dancers, she's also the face of his single, "Marilyn Monroe." Get to know Khadija and what makes her happy about being a BAE.

    Ai Shimatsu

    Dancer Ai Shimatsu embraces her moment to shine each time she dances with Pharrell Williams.

    Mette Towley

    Meet dancer Mette Towley, one of Pharrell Williams's dancers. Mette is wise beyond her years and shares her philosophy on what it means to be part of this talented group of young women.

    Brya Underwood

    Meet Brya Underwood, one of Pharrell Williams' dancers. She's from Atlanta and is known for her Southern hip hop style of dance.

    Living The Dream

    When casting singers and dancers to join his Dear Girl Tour, Pharrell Williams chose 8 women known as "The Baes" who he felt encompass the meaning of being a BAE; those who work hard and have the Best Attitude Ever. In this series, we learn how this select group of talented and empowered young women have achieved their success and are now living their dreams. "Meet The Baes" is a series that gives you an introduction to the dancers and singers who perform alongside Pharrell on stage. Baes wardrobe provided by adidas Women’s Originals.

    Director: Crystal Moselle
    Producer: Robin Frank
    Director of Photography: Naiti Gámez
    Executive Producer: Pharrell Williams
    Co-Executive Producers: Caron Veazey and Mimi Valdés

    Christina Chandler
    Rhea Dummett
    Aye Hasegawa
    Latrelle “Munchie” Simmons
    Khadija Shari
    Ai Shimatsu
    Mette Towley
    Brya Underwood
    Fatima Robinson
    Pharrell Williams

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    @nerd0016 oooh that intro instrumental from the tour? It always reminded me of Despicable me

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    gotdayum, they're all sexy as fawhk !!

  • Aye H is so amazing

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  • I loved that instrumental!!

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  • Mette Towley is mine, I call dibs <3

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  • that's dedication, respect.

  • look at the youtube homepage. the youtube logo has a mini pharrell icon next to it

  • Some of the shit P says man.... "Mette is the scary one, she walks around with a psychic force" really bro? hahaha

  • Noooo! I'm tryna put a baby in Mette and no one can stop me!

  • @sandow yeah its for this:

  • ^ and Aye Hasegawa is randomly in that video too [2:45]

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  • Rhea been BAE ever since she was working with NERD lol

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