N*E*R*D - Live At The Enmore Sydney (AUS) (2004)

  • I've just found this on Youtube... never saw it before! wow...

    NERD - Live At The Enmore, Sydney, AUS (2004)*
    01 – Preservation
    02 – Fly Or Die
    03 – Brain
    04 – She Wants To Move
    05 – Provider
    06 – Maybe
    07 – Breakout
    08 – Run To The Sun
    09 – Rock Star (Poser)
    10 – Trasher
    11 – Lapdance

  • thank you!

  • Admin

    @nerd0016 awesome thank you !

  • Awesome! Been waiting so long to hear Bobby James live - thank you!
    All I need now is Am I High

  • Want war man!!

  • They did some joints! @Mika thanks this is gold.

  • so much screaming, haha

    this is amazing

  • The best 54 minutes of my 28 years on this planet! So raw!! And spymob came with that n.e.r.d sound man!!! And they did THRAAASSSHHHER ... garrrrddd

  • its crazy how he came out and i started smiling. like dude nothings changed man i still love him omg im not gay for him tho but i do love him so much this is weird now. fly or die days were the best oh god

  • Heres beautiful & Frontin from the same gig

    I went to the gig they played in Melbourne (Australia) on the same tour and it was the best shit ever. i was up front, i purchased my yellow ner*d trucker cap, got daps from pharrell and was hyped thru the whole show. i remember the crowd going absolutely nuts when he did the medley of frontin and then other neptunes hits. fuck i wish i could go back in time and experience all that again! sorry, im rambling.

  • Staff

    Spymob shit all over that gospel band N.E.R.D. had for the SS/Nothing tours

  • Holy Mierda! Merry Christmas!
    Great Setlist. Breakout!

  • this is actually awesome. that opening guitar lick for preservation is an epic way to start a show. i would have been going nuts if i was there. then again, i don't think i heard fod in it entirety until 05 :/

    spymob is that shit. not only do we need a nerd reunion but spymob either needs to be on the album or tour, preferably both.

  • someone help me out here. at 22:36 does pharrell really sing a line from angel?? 2 years before his solo album came out? if so then thats awesome! either angel was already written at that point or that line he added at the end of provder provided an inspiration for angel. shit like this intrigues me

  • if I remember correctly, i read somewhere that he had the verse section of Angel for sometime before he added the chorus break and put it on IMM.

    There was a video where nerd played the Locked Away lick in 02 yo. Well ahead of FOD. @pappoo

  • its in this one at the beginning 0:05

  • Can't believe this was 10 years ago, wtf man
    P's timeless

  • Staff

    @pappoo He had Angel written for a long time before he released it. It was originally for Prince.

  • Such a good concert. Now I must play Fly or Die all day now

  • man I've had this on my ipod in album form for about 4 years now.. so cool to see the visuals along with it

  • out of boredom i clicked on some videos most would label as tear jerkers. like a dog chasing an ambulance transporting it's owner to a hospital, "kids" buying cars for their parents or paying off their mortgages... none of that shhh moved me like this did (*.^ thanks!

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