Snoop Dogg - Peaches N Cream feat. Charlie Wilson (P. Williams) (15')

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    Snoop annouced his new album today called "Bush." Produced entirely by Pharrell and will be released on I Am Other/Columbia. First single is called "Peaches N Cream"


    Snoop Dogg - Peaches 'N Cream feat. Charlie Wilson (15')

  • great more funk!

  • i miss the "gin n juice" and "...robbin motherfuckers then I kill dem blood claats
    Then I step through the fog and I creep through the smog" snoop....


  • oh shit can't wait.. i need some new snoop

  • @sk8brd dude p knows how to light the flame to get that snoop. Im so happy right now lol.

  • @Tenny lets hope you're right !

  • Only news here is that the album is droppin' mid-March and the 1st single name.
    Pharrell confirmed the title last year on The Howard Stern Show.


  • @YB said:


    see when I played this in headphones, I thought this shit was shit, but now i'm hearing it on speakers I...kinda fuck with it? i could hear it in my car.

  • 'Peaches and cream' - I take it that's the 'Milk and Honey' track?

  • @KoJo Snoop needs something big for his 1st single, even tho milk n honey sounds great, I'm pretty sure it's a different one...

  • Weirdly both Peaches and Cream and Milk and Honey are the names of tracks on Beck's Midnite Vultures album. Hopefully this record will be as good as that one.

  • Woooah i had a feeling this was going to be scrapped or something, so glad i was wrong. Cant wait, snoop and pharrell are an awesome combo

  • Staff

    Roy Ayers has a song called "The Land Of Fruit & Honey, I bet P was inspired by that for some of these songs... especially b/c when i spoke to Roy he said that P had asked to work with him (this was like about a year or so ago) so P is probably on the kind of vibe.

  • @mikitoramirez said:

    Midnite Vultures

    the milk n honey tune is sick. makes me think of chad.

  • but what happened to pink slime?

  • So so sooooo hyped for this project. I just want it to have that groove! Something I can vibe to at the beach or some shit!

  • whaaaat? whaaaaaatt? entire Snoop album by P? whaaaaaaaaaat?

  • @mikitoramirez it would have been even weirder if the band was "bush"

  • can't fucking wait

  • like 98% of the snoop and neptune songs are hits. I can't even imagine how amazing this will sound -- really looking forward to this!

  • All snippet i heard on instagram and shit are boring.

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