The Neptunes Upcoming Projects For 2015

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    Hi guys and welcome to 2015, sorry for the late post, I’ve been really busy and haven’t had any time to update the site but I’ve managed to make the most complete Neptunes Discography ever here and on the Wikipedia Page, and I created a new Page on called The Neptunes Singles/Videos which shows you all Singles with or without an Official Music Video with credits by Chad Hugo and Pharrell Williams or The Neptunes. So what’s the most exiting Project you looking forward to this year, well all of us would say straight up the NER*D Project, The Spongebob tunes sound really awesome and It would be amazing to have a new album by the trio, but I don’t think there is a new album in the works, I would love to though.

    So there is the Debut album by Bia with the snippets we already heard with ‘Spend It’, ‘Around The World’ and ‘Medusa’, there is a collaboration with Christina Aguilera in the works and and new collaboration with one half of Chester French D.A. Wallach for his Debut Album. Then there is a new collaboration with Diddy for his ‘MMM’ album, new Frank Ocean, which allegedly Pharrell did the ‘Intro’ to his new album, then a new Fabolous featuring Ne-Yo, and a Flo Rida collaboration plus there are those 8 tunes with rapper Future that Pharrell recorded, Gunplay’s ‘Living Legend’ album is about to drop with ‘Steel Drums’ featuring Pharrell and another Untitled record with Big Sean.

    Then there is Gwen Stefani’s new album with 2 confirmed tracks from the album called ‘Whoa’ and ‘Heart Shape’ and producer Hit-Boy is releasing his Debut Album too. Jamie Foxx is coming with a new album with the tune ‘Tease’, French artist JR has a project coming out with music by Pharrell, Hans Zimmer and Woodkid. Mexican rapper Kap G is coming with his Debut Album with 6 tracks including a collaboration with Gwen Stefani, and we really hope Kenna will actually start working on his 6 year old project ‘Songs For Flight’. King Los has been in the studio with Pharrell and another Debut Album I’m really looking forward to is by my favourite i am OTHER artist Leah LaBelle with the Pharrell and JD’s 3 years delayed album.

    Ludacris is coming with a new album with the Pharrell single ‘Chance To Win’ and there is a possibility that we see ‘Pink Slime’ coming out actually this year with ‘Dreams’ featuring Pharrell and ‘Table’ plus other 6 recorded tracks by Mac Miller. Madonna is coming in March with a new album, but it looks like none of the tracks we’ve mentioned before made the final tracklist of her ‘Rebel Heart’ album, Meek Mill has a tune with Pharrell on his ‘Dreams Worth More Than Money’ project and Maxine Ashley will try to release also her Debut Album this year with 5 confirmed Pharrell productions called ‘Maxine Hustlin’ (The Streets)’, ‘Best Mistake’ featuring Pharrell, ‘Ringpop’, ‘Drop ‘Em’ and ‘Purple Sky’. Mike Posner is coming with his ‘Pages’ album with 8 recorded tracks by Pharrell, and a new No Doubt album is in the works which should have a Pharrell collaboration on it.

    OverDoz has 2 tracks with Pharrell for their Debut Album, and ofcourse how could I forget, the Pusha T. album ‘King Push’ where Chad and Pharrell worked on it exactly a year ago. Then there is The Minions Score by Pharrell and Heitor Periera and a whole album by Snoop Dogg with Pharrell for the ‘Bush’ album including collaborations with Stevie Wonder, T.I.’s two new albums should release this year, the ‘Paperwork: The Return’ and ‘Love & Liability’ with 21 Recorded Tracks, and Usher is coming with a new album called ‘UR’ that has the ‘Year Of The Horse’ tune that supposed to be the best tune on the album, anyways, make sure to check out the whole Upcoming Projects.

  • thanx for the info, Mika! u god!

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    Thanks Mika! I didn't realise there were so many big projects

  • Can't wait for:


  • god damn there's a lot of stuff in the works! i'm sure only half (or less) will come out this year but nevertheless thanks for gathering all the info and posting it @Mika!

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    Did we ever get that Frank outro confirmed as P?

  • Admin

    thanks guys
    @Mavis yeh we got the credits its P

  • so youre telling me kenna hasnt even started working on songs for flight?

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    @VandG I messaged him he said we're gonna get news soon

  • You forgot some:

    • There another Busta record on the way
    • Might be a track on Big Sean album out this month
    • P got a track on the Lion Babe album
    • Sammy Adams got a bunch of Pharrell track on his album too
    • Pharrell worked with Missy for her upcoming album also
    • Pharrell said he want to work with Jojo for her album
    • Back in 2012 P worked with Corinne Bailey Rae
    • P previewed a track of Grande Marshall upcoming album 'My Brothers Keepers" on the HolyShip.
    • Pharrell has tracks on Tori Kelly album (she's on FREQ too)
    • And Pharrell executive produced Francesco Yates first album
    • Plus let's not forget that DOPE soundtrack (4 tracks by P on there)

    I might missing some too! (Buddy 1st album? 👀)

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  • @YB who knows when that GrandeMarshall track will come. I spoke with him about new music and he said he's in the process of reshaping his project. So yeeeah.. he's probably gon sit on that one.

  • Wanna here the Vince Staples & Chad

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    This post is deleted!

  • Looking forward to that Lion Babe so much!

    I just googled how long ago Mike Posner was supposed to release those Nepts productions. I later realized it was not the same guy as Jared Evan. Original style

  • 'Tease' is a confirmed track on Jamie Foxx's upcoming album 'Hollywood'.
    Album out May 19th.

  • I look forward to Tease. They say its classic Pharrell.

  • It'd be nice if we had a playlist or zip
    Of all the 2015 neps/p/Chad productions. Please Santa?

    Aaaaand we should take our yearly poll for the best song of the year

  • Totally forgot about that Jamie Foxx song - nice reminder

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    @mr_novalike said:

    It'd be nice if we had a playlist or zip
    Of all the 2015 neps/p/Chad productions. Please Santa?

    Aaaaand we should take our yearly poll for the best song of the year

    check out the save the babies thread !

  • Daaamnnnnn! Shomi is going to hear it! Whats up @Mavis !!!!!
    Check it out the coments

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