I AM OTHER as a Label- what happened to the artists??

  • Hi All,

    each month there´s a deja vu.
    We see Alyssa,Maxine,Bia,Buddy (sometimes) and Cris Cab (rarely).

    But nada is happening to them.
    I went to Maxines Instagram.
    A frustrating experience.This girl is STUCK.
    What is happening to all those IAO artists?
    Why do they never lift off?

    It´s beginning to get a deja situation like the Star Trak situation all over.

  • i'm pretty sure when i am other was first created i remember p saying that it was a "platform" for artists. it seemed he was hesitant to call it an actual label.

    the only artist to really take off from either of p's labels recently is thicke. and he was able to do it without a ton of help from pharrell. his albums have very few p/neps productions and he's even had hits that pharrell didn't write or produce. maybe that's what it takes for them to "lift off?" pharrell will provide the label money and maybe throw them a couple of beats but between the voice, executive producing albums, scoring movies, etc, maybe he wants the artists to make a name for themselves without his help before he commits to making them an album?

    i'm sure most of the IAO artists work hard, but maybe some just wait for a hit from pharrell or are waiting for a call to say he's ready to work on their album while people like thicke take the opportunity of being on the label and make it happen on their own.

    pure speculation on my part though. i actually thought buddy's mixtape was very good and am surprised it never lead to an album.

  • I've been thinking about this a bit recently. I think pharrell falls down a little in terms of getting the best out of some of these artists (this was highlighted, for me, by the epic meltdown of his Voice team - an perfect demonstration of this phenomenon imp). I liked the way he used Latrelle and Rhea on the G I R L tour, and used some of Leah's vocals as backing vocals on the album, but overall he doesn't seem to be able to draw out people's strengths as you'd expect and flits from one thing to the next. idk, I think I've been juxtaposing a lot with Kanye this past week, kanye has really followed through with Big Sean (his protégée for like 6 years) and uses the guys from G O O D a lot still (there's a couple that got a raw deal Mr Hudson, maybe Teyana Taylor, but they've all had shine on at least some of his big projects). It can be frustrating having waited for full projects from some of these IAO artists for years (and having heard pretty promising stuff from them) to see it play out this way :(

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    I know Maxine has a deal in the UK (think i've mentioned this before) It's with "I Am Other" and another label. There was a lot of buzz in the industry at the time she got signed. She's got a great PR firm representing her too, and a modelling contract (both in London). So i get the impression that she's going to launch soon, and they're probably just figuring out how to do it...

    Maybe the same stuff is happening behind the scenes for everyone else on the label? or maybe not...

  • they're at a party with all of the old star trak artists

  • Just talk to Buddy, he's working on his ALBUM. He felt like 'Idle Time' was rushed so he's taking his time with this project. He also said, he heard BUSH in its entirety and it's CRAZY.

    Also, 'Alright' real title is actually 'New Money'.

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  • i miss the star trak movement tho...

    i.am.other feels so lollypopish

  • @cjchat said:

    i miss the star trak movement tho...

    i.am.other feels so lollypopish

    we all can't forget the artst movement too..

  • Whoa I completely forgot about artst.com

    It's probably an empty wasteland right now. Good example of how P starts a lot of stuff but struggles to follow through with it til the end.

  • And man I really wanna hear the full version of I Can Get it For You by Sergio Veneno

  • I know it's not really reliable but these are the artists signed to iAmother according to wiki hahaimage.jpg

  • It's only been under 3 years. it takes a while to cultivate "Youtube" personalities like Leah, Alyssa, Maxine, etc. Plus with none of them being signed to his parent company, Columbia, it will take even more time. If they were all under the same umbrella it would be a different story. Epic is STILL going through some shit since it's still through going its own under construction with LA Reid being the head now. Leah got 2 singles and videos under the label that went nowhere besides Urban AC radio. Pharrell is still in the studio with all of them basically which is still a positive sign. He can only do so much if the material isn't hitting the general public. Who wants to release an artist if less than 5k are going to actually buy the album? Nobody. Timbaland is doing the same thing since switching over to Epic with MMG. How long have we heard about Shock Value 3 and now Opera Noir? If the label head can't release their album than there is something else going on. Snoop will get the money and promo because he is established already. Same as Robin Thicke on Star Trak/Interscope since his budget is even less since he does more than 50% of the work on his own. Clipse wasn't "officially" Star Trak, Lee Harvey was Lee fucking Harvey and going nowhere, Brent is making more money being a studio musician then The High Speed Scene, Slim Thug was a one-off ordeal and was still his highest grossing and known move, Kenna is doing moves as a songwriter and both Chad and Pharrell still support him to the fullest, Tasha was so confused in life after... He's doing the best he can right now.

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