Snoop Dogg - Bush (2015)

  • Co-sign with Tenny. But indeed P vocals are PERFECT and definitely the reason I like the song lol

  • i really don't mind this song. i actually kinda like it. it's nothing ground breaking, but its got a decent groove and feel and i think its going to fit into the overall theme of the album really well. it's not a classic snoop/neps song but the neps as we used to know them don't exist anymore so it's impossible to compare their new tracks to their older tracks. no chad and pharrell is almost a totally different person now. that said, i think we might luck into a 5+ year old beat on the album that has that old school feel or even (i hate to say it) a recycled beat that we've heard before that has been repurposed for the album.

    i'm looking forward to it. i think we'll have some new classic shit that we'll look back on in 5 years and say damn i wish pharrell would go back to that sound

  • im telling yall its one on here thats really special

  • I don't really like autotune all that much, idk thats just me
    Its ok though

  • Yup, nothing ground breaking but I like the smoothness of the track. Really like the output of Bush so far!

  • How did this track leak?? It sounds unfinished but i like this song but not as much as peaches n cream. Still a nice groove!

  • eh.. its okay i guess... my worries bout the sound are coming true though

  • LOL this song is cool - it's just so weirdly structured. The "verses" are barely verses.

  • The Pharrell vocals are the only thing I really like about this.

  • Sooooo Snoop is basically a guest vocalist in his own song....

  • I'm liking the sound and vibe of this album so far - exactly what I hoped it'll sound like

    ...but I don't see how it's going to be any better than GIRL

  • I HATE that Pharrell uses these sounds man. especially for the drums. That sh!t don't have no bottom. It's too thin. too cheap sounding. Where is the depth? searches for Chad

  • @quantim exactly what i was thinking. needed another verse or bridge, the hook carries the whole song

  • Pharrell needs to stop with that disco shit! And fuck, where is Chad ? Pharrell need a co-producer, his productions are too clean!

  • this track is cool beans but it reminds me of random access memories

  • Staff

    @quantim said:

    Sooooo Snoop is basically a guest vocalist in his own song....

    Looool i thought the same. Didn't even catch him on the first listen

  • This track is fucking flames. So happy I can finally hear it!

  • Well he said he will stay "loyal to the groove" there you have it... Pretty cool track especially Pharrell's part however from what I've heard nothin touch the previous Neptunes/Snoop collabs like Signs/Let.s get blown etc.. Nothing reaching that level so far...

  • someone got the hq version?

  • lol p. whatever formula this nigga has, he's sticking to it hard AF. but I really like the vocals so whatever

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